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What was the first moment you knew you wanted to be a lawyer?

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Maybe it was a childhood dream. Maybe you were inspired in your teens. Maybe it was a pragmatic decision in your adulthood.

But all attorneys have had a moment when they decided to make becoming a lawyer their goal.

So this week, we want to hear from you: What was the first moment you remember knowing that you wanted to become a lawyer? Was there a book or movie that influenced you? Was there an encounter that made you decide you would devote your life to the law? Was it your original dream or did it replace earlier ambitions?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by American of African Descent: “We are not social workers (i.e., we are not able to provide social support services), banks (i.e., we do not make loans and are not able to wave a magic wand to clear a client’s debt), or therapists (i.e., we are not able to fix whatever problems got you into trouble in the first place).”

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