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What Was the Most Memorable Deposition You Have Been a Part Of?

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This week, we noted a recent Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee ruling taking an insurance company’s lawyer to task for asking deposition questions that could have been phrased with more tact.

Ultimately finding that his questions were fair, the legal ethics panel declined to discipline the lawyer, who’d been accused of re-traumatizing the claimant during the 2008 deposition.

Sometimes, though, lawyers are found to have crossed the line with deposition behavior. Earlier this summer, a Miami lawyer was suspended for 60 days and ordered to counseling after an outburst during a 2007 deposition during which the lawyer’s own consultant told him to take a Xanax and the court reporter present exclaimed, “I can’t work like this!”

This week, we’d like to ask you: What was the most memorable deposition that you have been a part of? Did emotions run high? Did either a client or a lawyer exhibit borderline behavior? Was something shocking revealed? Or was the memorable deposition one in which a celebrity or other high-profile individual was deposed?

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by MacFarlin: “A full-service bathroom for my office, complete with shower. Yes, this may seem extravagant, but the shower affords me the ability to run to the office from my home (6 miles each way), as well as to exercise at lunch. Since the bathroom was installed in April of this year, my weight has dropped from 250 lbs to 208 lbs (as of this morning).”

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