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What Was the Strangest Thing You Saw at the Bar Exam?

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We’ve heard many stories of bizarre occurrences at the bar exam, and not all of them were tall tales. Last year we reported about a Northwestern law grad who went into labor during the bar exam but stayed until she had completed the test–and she passed! Last week, Bloomberg Law went to Manhattan’s Javits Center to talk to nervous bar exam takers, and interviewed the center’s security guard. After sharing stories of multiple cheaters, the guard said that the strangest thing he’s ever seen at a bar exam was an intrepid law grad trying to carry a pint of alcohol into the exam room. No mention was made of vomiting, hysterical tears or full-on nervous breakdowns, but we’ve heard of those, too.

What was the strangest thing you saw when taking the bar exam? Did it disrupt you, or did you continue unruffled?

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Posted by Lynn: “In the summer of 2007 I was still working at my former firm, closing one commercial real estate loan after another. When commercial real estate financing died at the beginning of 2009, my practice died with it. I decided then to take the leap into solo practice and refocus my practice. Going solo was something that never entered my mind in 2007.”

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