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What's the Biggest Intern Blunder You've Witnessed?

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Law students have arrived at their respective summer legal jobs, striving to do good work and make good impressions on their potential future employers. Or at least not make bad impressions. But sometimes they fail at that. This week, a female lawyer at a government agency asked the blog Corporette about the best way to deliver the news to female interns that wearing tank tops and flip-flops is taking “jeans Friday” too far. And Paul Hastings hiring partner Leigh Ryan lamented some summers’ bad behavior during meetings, such as checking cellphones and chewing gum.

So we want you to tell us: What’s the biggest intern blunder you’ve witnessed? Missteps committed both on the job and at the interview level qualify.

Answer in the comments.

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Featured answer:

Posted by BMF: “Like several other people here, I prefer Mozart, Bach or Beethoven in the background while writing. When it comes to research or other tasks, the sky’s the limit: rock, blues, jazz, gospel, opera, a smidgen of heavy metal, even a few recordings of Japanese folk songs and Sufi music that were gifts from friends. Also each of my cases has a ‘theme song’ to sort of get me in the right frame of mind. One of the current trials has Jerry Springer, the Opera. While the character of Satan has all the plum parts, I often find myself singing God’s solo: ‘It ain’t easy being me, I tell ya/ It’s so not easy being me/ Millions of voices making all the wrong choices/ then turnin’ ‘round and blaming it on me.’ “

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