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What's the most outrageous thing you've heard during opening or closing statements?

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Last week, we learned about a lawyer who shared a personal story of sexual harassment during her closing arguments, a move that cost her client a $900,000 jury award when the 8th Circuit reversed.

This sparked debate in the comments, as readers argued over what’s appropriate to share during opening and closing statements. So this week, we’d like to hear from you: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve heard in an opening or closing at trial? Did the judge allow it? Where do you personally draw the line?

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Featured answer:

Posted by Bruce Shulman:
“Without Marshall, we would not have the Supreme Court we know.
Without Brandeis, someone really might be able ‘to cry fire in a crowded theater.’
Without Warren, we would not have had the leadership to issue groundbreaking opinions.
Without Brennan, the substance of the Warren Court’s groundbreaking opinions would have been less clear.
Without Scalia, the Court would have gone too far.
Without Breyer, Scalia would have gone too far.”

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