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Health Law

Florida Supreme Court allows one of nation’s strictest abortion bans to take effect

Law Firms

Judge refuses to toss suit claiming lawyer, a Civil War buff, played ‘Dixie’ and watched disturbing racist videos at work

Election Law

Trump ramps up attacks on judges, sparking concerns as criminal trial nears

Bar Exam

Number of February MBE test-takers has rebounded from pre-pandemic era, but how are national mean scores?

Personal Lives

‘Nerd’ lawyer spotted differing 3-point lines at NCAA women’s tournament; ‘once you saw it, you couldn’t unsee it’

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Artificial intelligence could make originalist analysis easier, federal appeals judge says

Law Firms

Fennemore Craig makes another mass lawyer hire, leading to closure of Denver law firm

Law Firms

Weekly performance meetings in glass room visible to others were retaliatory, plaintiff says in suit against Morgan Lewis

Health Law

A ‘divinely created’ being: States try to define fetal personhood

Criminal Justice

Alex Murdaugh sentenced to 40 years for financial crimes

U.S. Supreme Court

Relying on ‘secret evidence’ to deny visa for spouse violates due process, ABA says in SCOTUS amicus brief

Practice Technology

Blaming Word setting for overlong briefs is ‘somewhat hard to believe,’ federal judge says as she tosses footnotes


Republican-appointed judges raise alarm over Trump attacks on law


‘Venue Is Not a Continental Breakfast’: Judge transfers case as district declares it won’t adopt anti-‘judge shopping’ policy

Family Law

Relationship Matters: Should you hire a divorce coach?

Trials & Litigation

11 states sue to stop Biden’s student loan repayment plan


Suspended judge’s bond revoked after she tests positive for cocaine

Members Who Inspire

Nina Olson has devoted her career to protecting taxpayer rights

LGBTQ Legal Issues

DeSantis tourism board, Disney reach settlement to end legal feud

Law Firms

Bonuses structured as forgivable loans are being used for partner retention

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