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Criminal Justice

Second Hispanic Inmate Caught in Snafu

Law Firms

Network Bonds Boutiques

Criminal Justice

Hard Time for Others, But Not Hilton

Personal Lives

Onetime Gang Girl Heading to College

U.S. Supreme Court

S.C. Files High Court Suit in Water Dispute

International Law

Report: CIA Ran Secret Prisons in Europe

Injury & Accident Law

Getting ‘Borked’ Gets New Meaning


Committee OKs Gitmo Habeas Bill

Alberto Gonzales

DOJ Won’t Release Wiretapping Opinion

Immigration Law

Immigration Bill on Hold

Criminal Justice

Sentence Today in Preacher’s Death

Lawyer Pay

Surprise Letters for Departing Partners

Bar News

Bar Drops Ex-Porn Star From Agenda

Consumer Law

Sugar Substitute Deal Turns Bitter

Criminal Justice

Hearing Today on Paris Hilton Release

Lawyer Pay

Boston Firms Hike Associate Pay

Law Firms

Fox Rothschild Expands and Profits

Health Law

TB Case Shines Light on Quarantine Laws

Law Firms

Backdating Troubles Wilson Sonsini

Real Estate & Property Law

10-Year Court Battle Continues Over Historic CA Home

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