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Law Firms

Is virtual law firm FisherBroyles about to lose 140 lawyers? Details of ‘significant new venture’ to come

Trials & Litigation

Trump doesn’t have official-act immunity in Capitol-riot suits if actions stemmed from candidacy, DC Circuit says

Law Schools

ABA Legal Ed council rejects Golden Gate University’s plan to end its JD program

Trials & Litigation

Gag order is reinstated in Trump’s civil case amid death threats towards judge and his staff

Law Schools

Anti-Zionist policies by student groups at UC Berkeley Law fostered harassment and hatred, suit alleges

U.S. Supreme Court

Former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor dies at 93

Career & Practice

2023 ‘Profile of the Legal Profession’ report spotlights the scarcity of legal aid lawyers

Lawyer Pay

Associate pay hikes gather steam after Cravath announcement; which law firms have matched?

International Law

ABA withdraws 2 online statements on Israel-Hamas war

Real Estate & Property Law

Less-expensive transfer on death instruments become more popular in Chicago

Law Students

Minority law school applicants lean on personal statements post-Harvard decision

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court considers whether police officer’s job transfer was sex discrimination under Civil Rights Act

Law in Popular Culture

Miss Manners has this suggestion for responding to lawyer insults


Lawyer’s Pringles poop prank in parking lot of victims advocacy center leads to suspension

Members Who Inspire

Helping others is at the center of Holly Dolejsi’s practice

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

How Fisher Phillips helped test and then implement Casetext’s CoCounsel into its practice

Bar Associations

DePaul University College of Law dean will lead ABA legal education starting next summer

Trials & Litigation

Ruling in double-spacing kerfuffle, federal judge observes lawyers don’t need ‘more words on a page’

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: ‘Sleeper’ case before the Supreme Court could have major implications for administrative law

Lawyer Pay

Cravath finally announces associate raises, and they partly surpass Milbank scale

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