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Kirkland sets another record with latest partnership promotions

Media & Communications Law

Trump’s ‘big lie’ defamation suit against CNN says he shouldn’t have to show actual malice by network

First Amendment

Claiming to have 4.3 trillion readers, the Onion supports parodist and its writers’ paychecks in SCOTUS brief

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS accepts case on scope of attorney-client privilege

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court will consider social media liability for terrorist attacks

Rule of Law

Minnesota group ships law books to Africa

Criminal Justice

California adopts criminal justice reforms in bills signed by governor


Why this conservative federal appeals judge will no longer hire clerks from Yale Law School

Mind Your Business

How to make strident predictions about predictive analytics

Religious Law

Chaplain’s prayer before court isn’t coercive, doesn’t violate establishment clause, 5th Circuit rules

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: SCOTUS justice’s wife stands by stolen-election views; district attorney’s daughter arrested in his stabbing

Natural Disasters

Law firms, courts deal with aftermath of Hurricane Ian

Trials & Litigation

Trump doesn’t have to detail claims about planted documents to special master, judge says


California bar announces probes of 2 prominent lawyers after report on mishandled settlement funds


Summer associates praise their ‘lifestyle firms,’ even as some midlevels describe them as ‘veritable sweatshops’

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court ready to tackle free speech, affirmative action and election law in new term

Tort Law

2nd Circuit gives Trump chance to avoid rape defamation suit with ruling on employee status

Law Firms

Are pushed-back start dates for associates making a comeback? One law firm confirms deferrals

Trials & Litigation

Smith & Wesson is accused of marketing guns to ‘disturbed young men’ in suit by July 4 victims

Access to Justice

Utah’s reforms offer model for serving low-income and indigent people, report suggests

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