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Weekly Briefs: DC Circuit orders Mueller disclosures; House bill puts judicial finances online


NY lawyer receives nearly 5-year prison sentence for defrauding 9-year-old


Federal judge orders pro-Trump lawyers to pay $175,000 penalty after sanctions

Rule of Law

ABA and 2 former ABA presidents to be recognized for promoting rule of law

New Attorneys

Viral post by once-rejected Perkins Coie partner leads to legal mentor nonprofit org

Criminal Justice

New prosecutors reopen investigations into deadly police shootings

A Letter From the ABA Journal Editor and Publisher

Why haven’t I received my latest issue of the ABA Journal yet?


Judicial nominee apologizes for tone of social media posts; conservative group buys ads to oppose him

Law Firms

A higher percentage of law grads are getting hired by larger firms

Law Firms

2 law firms announce merger that will bring them into the Am Law 100


Judge is kicked off foreclosure case that morphed into ‘ever-escalating battle’

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court appears ready to uphold ban on abortions after 15 weeks

Law Firms

Why is BigLaw delaying bonus announcements?

Criminal Justice

Former homicide prosecutor is charged with subpoenaing phone records to stalk women


Google violated its ‘don’t be evil’ code when it fired 3 outspoken employees abiding by mandate, suit says

Second Amendment

En banc 9th Circuit upholds California’s ban on high-capacity gun magazines

Criminal Justice

Imposter lawyer who filed document in Cosby case wins reversal of his conviction

Legal Education

Starting now, the GRE can replace the LSAT in law school admissions

Law Schools

Law school applicants are down, for now, for the first time since 2018

Tort Law

Driver injured in collision with fortified mailbox can’t sue owners, top Ohio court says

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