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Supreme Court Nominations

Cuban American judge and SCOTUS contender’s record on voting rights, executive power could be contentious

Constitutional Law

En banc court rules Florida can require felons to pay fines before voting; 5 Trump appointees join majority


Activists are fighting new voter suppression tactics in court


Judges must ensure defendants can afford court costs before imposing fines and fees

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court leaves stay in place that hampers voting by Florida ex-felons

Criminal Justice

Privatized services and onerous fees hurt public confidence in the justice system, ABA report says


Ballot box battles are more high-stakes than ever

Criminal Justice

6% of adults have debt from court costs or legal fees, Federal Reserve report says


Coronavirus has not stopped many cash-strapped courts from seeking fines and fees


Judges must consider defendants’ ability to pay fines and fees, ethics opinion says

Public Health

ABA announces all-digital ABA Day, urges Congress to provide coronavirus relief to nonprofits and create task force

Constitutional Law

Ex-felons in Florida who can’t afford fees and fines are entitled to vote, 11th Circuit says

Election Law

Restoring voting rights in this state is a labyrinth for formerly incarcerated residents


‘Gate money’ for released prisoners is usually chump change

Constitutional Law

Fines-and-fees system that helps fund court budget is unconstitutional, 5th Circuit rules

Bankruptcy Law

Impounded vehicles can’t be held after drivers file for bankruptcy, court says

Criminal Justice

This state is expected to become the first to collect prosecutor data, with breakdowns by race

Cover Story

Change Agents: A new wave of reform prosecutors upends the status quo

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court deals blow against civil forfeiture in ruling for owner of seized Land Rover


ABA president urges Montana lawmakers to rethink driver’s license suspension in sentencing

Supreme Court Report

What can states seize? SCOTUS will decide whether the excessive fines clause applies to states

National Pulse

Legal aid program in Oklahoma is dedicated to representing moms in trouble

Annual Meeting

House of Delegates urges end to mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment claims

Election Law

Are states obligated to educate formerly incarcerated people about their new voting rights?

Defending Justice

How lawyers and judges can help rebuild public trust and confidence in our justice system

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Weekly Privacy/Civil Rights News Stories (9/21)

Law & Daily Life

State Voting Rights Litigation: An Overview

Law Technology Today

IOLTA and Accepting Credit Cards

The Crime Report

Some FL Felons Voted in March, Can’t in November

Inforrm’s Blog

IPSO’s Chairman asks why Harry and Meghan didn’t complain to IPSO. We can think of a few reasons – Hacked Off

At the Lectern

Supreme Court to decide standing issue in Prop. 218 property tax assessment challenge

Law Across the Wire and Into the Cloud

$10M FTC Settlement Highlights Importance of Auto-renewal Transparency

Legal Theory Blog

White & Reynolds on Due Process & Criminal Justice Fees


GOP-Packed Appeals Court Splits Hairs to Give Florida GOP a Victory Over Florida Voters

Executive Summary Blog

Sanctions Carve-Out Bars Coverage for Show Cause Order Issued to Attorney

Wise Law Blog

140Law: Legal Headlines for the week of September 14, 2020

The Crime Report

Court Says Florida Felons Must Pay Fines Before Voting

Matt Mangino

GateHouse: Racial bias in traffic stops, searches, arrests and punishment

The Candid Review Appellate Blog

How to Choose a Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Lawfare: Hard National Security Choices

Today’s Headlines and Commentary

The Crime Report

Two Million With Felony Records Regaining Vote Rights

At the Lectern

Some important denials at Wednesday’s conference

The Crime Report

The Risks of ‘Driving While Black’

Oklahoma City Injury Law Blog

5 suggestions to Safely and Legally Use online dating sites Apps

CrimProf Blog

Highsmith on Fees, Fines, and Funding Public Services

The White Law Group

Wells Fargo to pay $1.4 M in Restitution for Failure to Supervise VA Switches

DUI Blog

A California DUI with Priors

Texas Bar Today

Civil v. Criminal Liability Under the Copyright Act

Business Without Borders

Registering As A “Foreign Agent:” Advisors to Foreign Entities Risk Criminal and Civil Penalties as DOJ Doubles Down on FARA Enforcement

The Crime Report

A Criminal Justice GOP Convention Fact Check