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Civil Procedure

Are defendants in Georgia case against Trump entitled to removal? These standards apply


Massachusetts US attorney will resign; probe finds ‘extraordinary breach of public trust’

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: DC Circuit doesn’t disturb blocked executions; polite bank robber entitled to lower sentence


Former immigration judge is disciplined for criticizing GOP policy at deportation hearing


Federal watchdog urges ‘unprecedented’ ouster of Kellyanne Conway for violating Hatch Act

First Amendment

Impeachment talk by federal workers could violate Hatch Act, new guidance says

Election Law

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway violated the Hatch Act, watchdog agency says

Constitutional Law

Did FBI’s Clinton disclosure and its search of Anthony Weiner’s computer violate the law?

Legal Ethics

Federal Judge Sanctions US $600K for Secretly Taping Defense Lawyer

Government Law

Alaska Seeks Hatch Act Probe in Stevens Case, Supports Possible Tort Claim

Attorney General

Watchdog Complains DOJ Is Impeding His Investigation

Legal Ethics

Probe of US Prosecutor Firings Heats Up

Attorney General

DOJ Aides Attended Political Briefings


Political Influence Probe Grows


Investigator Predicts White House Cooperation


White House Defends Political Briefings


Watchdog Will Probe U.S. Attorney Firing, Political Influence

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