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Your Voice

Am I losing my mind? How to maintain cognitive abilities as senior lawyers age

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Could New York City’s AI hiring law be a model for other U.S. city and state regulations?

Death Penalty

Only 7 states imposed new death sentences in 2023; 1 of them has passed new laws likely to expand number

The National Pulse

States are quietly stepping up antitrust enforcement to ensure fair competition

Business of Law

Smaller law firms are bracing for the new pay transparency laws

Criminal Justice

California adopts criminal justice reforms in bills signed by governor

Legal Technology

The metaverse and Web3 are all the rage, but the law is stuck at Web1

President's Letter

ABA Survey of Civic Literacy shows people are in favor of protecting the right to vote


GOP targets state courts with campaign cash, laws that change judicial elections

Mind Your Business

Making the Move: What should legal organizations consider when assessing how the cloud fits into their future?

National Pulse

I Spy: As more companies surveil workers at home, do laws do enough to protect privacy?


Brazen attacks on voting rights define America

The National Pulse

California often leads the way in passing environmental and consumer protection laws

National Pulse

New laws aim to quash racial profiling in 911 calls

Trials & Litigation

Ridiculed for urging ‘Lord of the Rings’ remedy, lawyer blasts media in new election lawsuit filing

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Gorsuch wrote his ‘most important opinion’ in SCOTUS ruling protecting LGBTQ workers

Your Voice

Is my law firm preparing me for success in the next decade?

Members Who Inspire

Attorney uses photography and storytelling for legal empowerment

Your Voice

How to plan ahead for compliance and privacy projections

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Stakes are high as SCOTUS considers 2 major abortion cases

Law Firms

BigLaw partner’s fight against chemical company is chronicled in new film

Legislation & Lobbying

New laws in 2 Southern states make it more difficult to deny occupational licenses for past crimes


Some states are allowing people and companies to use blockchain to authenticate documents

Fourth Amendment

After decriminalization, pot smell and joint didn’t justify search, court says; hemp laws also raise issues

Criminal Justice

New hemp laws leave police and prosecutors dazed and confused

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