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U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS will decide whether census reapportionment report must count immigrants here illegally

U.S. Supreme Court

Census Bureau announces end to population count after Supreme Court action

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: DOJ admits sticky note mistake; DA’s wife-hiring plot conviction mostly overturned

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: SCOTUS moves quickly in census case; judge stops policing commission work


Census Bureau apparently pushing ahead with early deadline despite court order, judge says

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Weil Gotshal special bonuses tied to hours; Trump sued by his niece

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Judge blocks postal changes; bedroom backdrop for SCOTUS justice’s Constitution Day remarks

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Trump’s census count order blocked; lawyer dies by suicide as cops close in

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: 7th Circuit rules on jail’s COVID-19 safety measures; ABA asks FEMA to activate disaster legal services

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Trump sued over census policy excluding immigrants; judge swears in 37 new US citizens

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Man who recorded Arbery video faces charges; Flynn judge asked for response

ABA Midyear Meeting

Voting access and protection against violence for Native Americans should be top priorities, ABA House says

ABA Midyear Meeting

Pass laws making it easier for Native Americans and those without addresses to vote, ABA House urges

Your Voice

What this law prof has learned about rural justice

Year in Review

Chemerinsky: 2019 was all about setting up the blockbuster year 2020 promises to be

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Subpoenas reportedly seek Giuliani-related information; 3 exonerated after 36 years in prison

Legal Rebels Podcast

Diversity in the legal tech community has been slow but steady

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: The stakes are enormous for immigrants in upcoming DACA cases

Constitutional Law

Law student among plaintiffs challenging state law requiring couples getting married to identify race

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: How the Roberts Court could alter the administrative state


Inside the Legal Profession: What the industry looks like in 2019


The best places to practice in 2019

Supreme Court Report

Supreme Court taking on big issues that have been percolating for a while

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: Justice Gorsuch fulfills expectations from the right and the left

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: House holds attorney general in contempt; opioid executives charged

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Constitutional Law Reporter

Supreme Court to Hear Appeal Over US Census

Wash Park Prophet

Predictions and Probabilities

Oklahoma City Injury Law Blog

Meet The Partnership Guru Whom Might Save Your Valuable Life

FOIA Advisor

Court opinions issued Oct. 30, 2020

Legal Ruralism

Oprah Magazine feature on rural voters of color

Inforrm’s Blog

People want data privacy but don’t always know what they’re getting – Gabriel Kaptchuk, Elissa M. Redmiles, Rachel Cummings

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

Amy Coathanger Barrett and the anti-democratic feedback loop

Wash Park Prophet

Twelve Constitutional Amendments Worth Considering

Estate Dispatch

Seminar: Coronavirus litigation in the shadows – SCOTUSblog


In the Pandemic, Only the Rich Get a Safety Net

Southern District of Florida Blog

ACB to be confirmed Monday

Jottings By an Employer’s Lawyer

As Census Deadlines Near, a Judge Is Skeptical of Ordering Quick Release of Trump Docs


Main Street at 100: its influence on libertarian ideas

Just Security

Early Edition: October 23, 2020


Cuomo's NY Broadband Pledge Under Audit After Coming Up Short

Mass Private I

Are America's Largest Police Department's ID'ing People Based On Their Sentiment?

Estate Dispatch

Tuesday Tour – SCOTUSblog

Bond & Botes Law Blog

The State of Alabama Evictions

Estate Dispatch

Judges take the topic of the border wall, “Stay in Mexico” – SCOTUSblog

Estate Dispatch

Judges Hear Fourth Amendment Case – SCOTUS Blog

Lawfare: Hard National Security Choices

The History Behind the Violence in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Crime Report

Is Police Misconduct Higher in Majority Black Neighborhoods?

ImmigrationProf Blog

Supreme Court Takes Up Border Wall Funding, Migration Protection Protocols Cases

Wise Law Blog

Wise Law's Legal Headlines for the week of October 19, 2020

Oklahoma City Injury Law Blog

Chattanooga Mayor’s Council on ladies desires to rein in payday advances