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Inside the claims against DoNotPay’s Joshua Browder and the ‘World’s First Robot Lawyer’

Product Liability

‘The gloves are off’: Baby powder maker J&J sues doctors who linked talc products to cancer

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS will consider First Amendment right to trademark ‘Trump too small’ without Trump’s consent

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: Legal jobs increase in January; 11th Circuit doesn’t rule out execution by firing squad

Trials & Litigation

Federal appeals court upholds Judicial Watch’s $2.3M judgment against its founder

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court rules willful infringement isn’t required to award profits in trademark cases

U.S. Supreme Court

Does adding ‘.com’ to generic name create protectable trademark? Supreme Court to decide

Trademark Law

Commercial landlords increasingly found liable for actions of rogue tenants who sell counterfeit goods

Trademark Law

ABA amicus brief urges SCOTUS to rule willfulness isn’t required to award trademark profits

The Modern Law Library

Founder of The Slants talks about the band’s free-speech fight

Trials & Litigation

Injunction ends litigation against timeshare-exit law firm and companies; firm founder was disbarred

First Amendment

Ban on scandalous trademarks violates First Amendment, Supreme Court rules

Advertising Law

Bud Light ads can’t mention rival beers and corn syrup without these qualifying words

First Amendment

SCOTUS justices avoid mention of ‘profane past participle’ in arguments on scandalous trademarks

Supreme Court Report

Too tasteless to trademark? SCOTUS considers whether vulgar-sounding brand name is protected by First Amendment

U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS to decide whether ban on ‘scandalous’ trademarks is constitutional

Legal Marketing

Avvo’s lawyer ratings are protected by the First Amendment, judge rules in false-advertising suit

Copyright Law

Can recording artists stop Trump from playing their music at rallies? Legal theories are untested

Your Voice

SpongeBob and the ‘oh, please!’ standard of trademark foolishness

Law Firms

Judge has a problem with law firm’s ads, but says rival can’t recover damages

Law Firms

Judges refuse to toss suits claiming law firm ads interfered with timeshare contracts

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: The most important SCOTUS stories of 2017

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court strikes down ban on disparaging trademarks

Intellectual Property Law

Avvo wins default $2 million judgment against alleged creators of fraudulent imitation site

National Pulse

Supreme Court considers 3 First Amendment cases this term

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