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News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: State justice contracts COVID-19; $50M verdict upheld for man kept in police storage room

Annual Meeting

Calls for police reform and racial justice spur a flurry of resolutions before the ABA House

Civil Rights

Lawsuit allowed against officer accused of holding woman down with his knees


Could this be America’s tipping point?

National Pulse

High-profile killings of unarmed Black people spark calls for reform

Criminal Justice

Excessive force case tests fleeing felon defense for cops

Criminal Justice

BigLaw firms and legal clinics join ACLU in initiative to stop racism in policing

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court rejects cases on qualified immunity used to shield police officers

Civil Rights

4th Circuit revives suit against police in shooting death and says, ‘This has to stop’

Criminal Justice

ABA president says ‘our hearts are aching,’ calls for action in wake of George Floyd’s death

Criminal Justice

Amid cries of ‘defund the police,’ Minneapolis city council majority pledges dismantling

Criminal Justice

Death of George Floyd brings debate on qualified immunity for police misconduct

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: 10th Circuit strikes down voter ID law; social distancing could mean long elevator lines

Fourth Amendment

Cop who left incoherent man at county border isn’t liable for death, 5th Circuit says in substitute opinion


Trump judicial appointee’s footnote gets noticed for his stand against homophobic arguments

Trials & Litigation

Judge’s clerk performs behind-the-back cellphone dial to test plaintiff’s claim

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Trump must provide tax returns, court says; DA accepts gift cards in exchange for community service


5th Circuit judge’s dissent says to prevent mass shootings ‘we should stop punishing police officers’

Trials & Litigation

Slain law professor’s wife testifies that she knew nothing about alleged murder-for-hire plot

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Judge says state violated ADA; Notorious B.I.G.’s sampling is fair use, court says

Criminal Justice

4th Circuit says US can be sued over background check failures in church shooting

News Roundup

Afternoon Briefs: Discipline recommended for bar code switches; Andrew McCabe sues over firing

Constitutional Law

Handcuffing of second grader didn’t violate his constitutional rights, 8th Circuit says

First Amendment

Law doesn’t impose ‘most gullible person on Facebook’ standard in suit over fake police page, 6th Circuit says

Immigration Law

More suits ahead after Honduran immigrant’s $125K settlement for mistreatment in border detention

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The Crime Report

Is U.S. Legal System ‘Stacked Against Poor’?


Georgia Governor Passes Law Granting Cops Protected Status For 'Bias-Based' Crimes

Just Security

Early Edition: August 11, 2020


Memorializing Miscarriages of Justice

At the Lectern

Killing-by-police case decides comparative fault issue, but includes passionate concurrence on racism


San Diego Police Officers Are Using An Old Sedition Law To Punish People For Swearing Around Cops

Mass Private I

Weekly Privacy/Civil Rights News Stories (8/10)


Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

Just Security

US Suit Against Saudi Prince for Attempted Killing of Ex-Insider Faces Hurdles

Just Security

Extrajudicial Executions from the United States to Palestine 


Federal Judge Calls Out Qualified Immunity's Contribution To Racist Policing

Robert Ambrogi's LawSites

Find Legal Authority For Any Text On The Web With Chrome Extension from ROSS

Wait a Second!

Kangaroo prison disciplinary hearing yields victory for inmate in Second Circuit

Lawyers, Gun$ & Money

‘Qualified Immunity’ is a judicially-created doctrine of white supremacy

Just Security

Kashmir: A Place Without Rights

Lawfare: Hard National Security Choices

Canadian Intelligence Service Broke the Law in Security Investigations, Court Says

The Crime Report

Federal Judge Assails Immunity for Accused Cops

Texas Bar Today

Briefing Beyond Words | Mark Trachtenberg


DHS Obtained Protesters' Encrypted Messages, Used Them To Craft 'Intelligence' Reports

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Comments on the Internet Association’s Empirical Study of Section 230 Cases

Mass Private I

Weekly Privacy/Civil Rights News Stories (8/3)

Matt Mangino

SCOTUS to decide if suspect who escapes after shot by police can sue

Cash, Krugler & Fredericks blog

CKF’s Alwyn Fredericks Interviewed By WSB-TV Concerning Waiver of Government Immunity and Insurance Limits – “Not going to cut it.”

Grits for Breakfast

Podcast: How police licensing agencies can weed out bad cops; what 911 calls EMS could take over from police: and Just Liberty and the Austin Justice Coalition unveil a new jingle aiming to oust Austin police Chief Brian Manley

Inforrm’s Blog

Global Freedom of Expression, Columbia University: Newsletter

Web First
In lieu of an in-person UBE, some jurisdictions with online bar have reciprocity agreements
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Afternoon Briefs: Sheriff bans masks for deputies; judicial panel won't centralize COVID-19 insurance suits
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