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Paid, Not Played

Estimating Fees, Charging High Retainers Help Solos Avoid Payment Hassles

A Week to Honor Jurors

There Still Might Be Time to Get Involved in Events That Spread a Positive Message

Get Me Outta Here!

Office Worker Files Suit Against Township, Claims Walls Literally Closed in on Her

Minor Miracles

Two Firms Take Different–But Successful–Paths to Get Cases Before the High Court

Signs Say Merge Ahead

Corporate Deals Saw a Turnaround in 2004, and This Year Looks Even Better

Will Youth be Served?

Death Penalty Ruling Points Up Changes in Thinking About Juvenile Justice System

Exploring Legal London

A New Orleans Lawyer Seeks Historic Sights and Photo Ops During His Jaunt Overseas

Why Lawyers Lose In Love

If it were possible to buy relationship insurance, it’s safe to assume that certain people’s premiums would be ungodly expensive.

Like E-Mail, Only Faster

Don’t Forget to Address Instant Messaging in Electronic Communications Policies

Exposing Injustice

Lawyer Turns Documentary Filmmaker to Champion Rights of the Wrongly Accused

Back in Business

After Enron and Sarbanes-Oxley, an Aggressive SEC Cracked Down. But a Favorable Political Environment Finds Corporations Battling Back.

Lost and Found

Some of Life’s Most Important Lessons Come From Defeat

Say the Right Thing

From Opening Statement to Closing Argument, Persuasive Language Is the Strongest Tool You Have for Building a Successful Trial Strategy

Legal Nighthawks

Lawyers Who Choose to Moonlight Are Better Off if They’re Open About It

Learning The Business Basics

Pittsburgh Firm Teams With Wharton School to Boost Profile in World Market

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