ABA Journal articles.

The Strategic Lawyer

Companies Are Placing Premiums on Advisers Who Understand Both Business and the Big Picture

A Record High on the Hill

Ninth Annual ABA Day Focuses on Issues of Concern to the Profession

Thinking Globally

Committee Begins to Address Electronic Privacy Issues on an International Scale

Playing for Keeps

Want to Make Losing Clients Feel Like Winners? This Casino Has a Formula

Beware of Spyware

Litigants Sometimes Resort to Computer Snooping, But It Could Be a Crime

Grooving Together

Microsoft’s Purchase of a ‘Pip-squeak’ Shows It’s a Good Buy for You, Too

Collections Clues

Keep Your Practice Tidy With Attention to a Few Essentials

Lawyers Must Defend Judges, Juries

Lately, Judicial Independence Is Validated by Rulings but Questioned by Individuals

Shear Outrage

School District Gets Clipped by Angry Mom After Teachers Get Snippy With Her Son

The Exodus Begins

Lawyers Wonder Whether Chapter 7 Will Be a Viable Practice Area Under New Law

A Matter of Some Weight

As Obesity Claims Increase, Experts Say the Issue Isn’t Nature or Nurture–It’s Bias

Asbestos They Can?

Forging a Congressional Trust Fund Is as Complex as, Well, Asbestos Litigation Itself

Spotting the Losers

Sometimes the Best Way to Handle a Case Is Not at All

A Question of Identity

Imagine that outside your office there hangs an old-fashioned wooden shingle with your name on it. By way of acknowledging your professional status, it also says “Attorney at Law.”


Serving Them Right

When Taking on International Defendants, Expect Challenges, Even Complications

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