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Honeymoon Redux

It’s Always Possible to Rekindle the Magic With a Well-Planned Weekend Getaway

Lessons from Loss

“Partnerships are very precious.”

“When you think solely about the amount of money you make, you can die by that metric as well.”

No Big Deal

Want to Beat a Big Firm in Litigation? Turn its Tactics to Your Advantage

Road Warriors

These Lawyers and Their Employees Enjoy the Trip to the Courthouse

You Gotta Have Art

When Paintings and Sculptures Adorn the Office, Clients Take Interest

Telling Secrets: When In-House Lawyers Sue Their Employers, They Find Themselves in the Middle of the Debate on Client Confidentiality

Filed claims against their employers, alleging that they were forced from their jobs in retaliation for legal advice or gripes against management that the companies didn’t appreciate.

Smooth Operators

Adding Technology Requires Knowing the Human Factor

The Rules Change with Age

Income Tax Issues Get Tougher for an Older Population

The Meaning of ‘Forever’

Duty of Confidentiality Survives Client’s Death and Sometimes Executor’s Waiver

Ethics Czars in Demand

Self-Policing Requirements Result in New Positions for Experienced Lawyers

Growth Guru

In-house Counselors Hired to Help Staffers’ Careers Progress Within the Law Firm

Best of Both Worlds

Part-Time Practice Gives Some Lawyers Freedom to Pursue Other Dreams

Lending Justice a Hand

Hope Across the Globe Is Rooted in the Rule of Law

ABA Notices

The following jurisdictions will elect a State Delegate for a three-year term beginning at the adjournment of the 2005 Annual Meeting:

Diversity and Surprises

Departing President Archer Saw Minorities Advance, Handled Unexpected Issues

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