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ABA Midyear Meeting will now take place entirely online

The 2022 ABA Midyear Meeting, which will take place from Feb. 9 to 14, had been scheduled to be in Seattle. But after assessing the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19, the ABA Board of Governors voted Thursday to change the meeting to a fully virtual format.

Spirit of Excellence honorees strive for diversity and inclusion

ABA House of Delegates calls for changes in country’s immigration system

The ABA House of Delegates approved two resolutions Monday that address immigration policies and practices implemented by previous administrations.

Women shouldn’t face criminal prosecution after abortion or miscarriage, ABA House says

The ABA House of Delegates passed a resolution at the midyear meeting Monday that opposes the criminal prosecution of anyone who has an abortion or experiences a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Restrictions on firearms in government buildings and polling places should be considered, says ABA House

In the wake of the recent attack on the U.S. Capitol, death threats against election officials and the sight of armed groups at state capitols, the ABA House of Delegates on Monday called for restrictions on firearms in some government buildings and polling places.

ABA’s Practice Forward group puts focus on members’ needs, well-being

The challenges confronting the legal profession as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a prime focus of the 2021 ABA Midyear Meeting.

Federal student loan repayment plan rules should be eased, says ABA House

A resolution calling on Congress and the White House to authorize the suspension or forgiveness of student loans and to make it easier to qualify for repayment plans was adopted…

Trained dogs should be allowed to comfort witnesses during court proceedings, ABA House says

The ABA House of Delegates resolved Monday to support the use of trained canines to comfort vulnerable witnesses during testimony.

Tampons and pads shouldn’t be prohibited at bar exam, ABA House says

The right of bar examinees to bring tampons and pads with them was addressed in a measure overwhelmingly approved by the House of Delegates at the ABA Midyear Meeting on Monday.

ABA is on a ‘promising path forward,’ President Patricia Lee Refo says

Since taking office, ABA President Patricia Lee Refo has maintained a schedule of events that would've once been unimaginable.

ABA House urges Congress to pass judicial security bill

After last year’s deadly attack on a New Jersey federal judge’s home, the ABA House of Delegates adopted a resolution Monday calling on Congress to push for greater protections for members of the judiciary.

Spirit of Excellence honorees strive for diversity and inclusion

“These outstanding lawyers are the embodiment of excellence in our profession,” ABA President Patricia Lee Refo said after reading the names of the recipients of this year’s Spirit of Excellence Awards.

Young lawyers bring meditation to ABA Midyear Meeting

It's important to offer people opportunities to practice meditation because once you introduce them to it, it's more likely they'll try it again on their own, says Christina Sava, a member of the Young Lawyers Division Wellness Committee.

All-virtual ABA Midyear Meeting offers multiple days of free events and programs

ABA members from across the country are convening virtually this week for the 2021 ABA Midyear Meeting. The annual event, which runs from Wednesday, Feb. 17, through Monday, Feb. 22, offers a full roster of special events.

To increase access to justice, jurisdictions should consider rewriting regulations, ABA House says

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