Industry: Predictive Coding | Website:

Core Offerings: Originally a hard-disk recovery company, it evolved to offer e-discovery and information management services.

Size: 1,500+ employees

Locations: United States: Minneapolis; Dallas; Los Angeles (2); New York (3); Washington, DC (2).
International: Brisbane, Australia; Vienna, Austria; Brussels, Belgium; Toronto, Canada; Helsinger, Denmark; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; Stuttgart, Germany; Wanchai, Hong Kong; Varese, Italy; Tokyo, Japan (two locations, one of which is a Strategic Alliance" with Y E Data Inc. ); Amsterdam, Netherlands; Kongsvinger, Norway; Katowice, Poland; Singapore; Madrid, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Chiasso, Switzerland; Reinraum, Switzerland; London, UK (2)."

Founding Circumstances: Founded in 1985.

Owners: A technology services division of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company. Kroll is a subsidiary of Altegrity, an industry-leading provider of information solutions.
The Altegrity family of companies is principally owned by Providence Equity Partners.

Revenue: $250 million in 2010.



Industry: Legal Forms/Publishing | Website:

Core Offerings: Online, single-fee, unlimited use, subscription-based supplier of research and practical resources.

Locations: New York.

Founding Circumstances: Launched by two former lawyers in 1990 as a print venture geared toward transactional lawyers" in the UK."

Owners: Subsidiary of the UK-based parent of the same name. Acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2013.

Revenue: $80 million in 2011.



Industry: Document Review | Website:

Core Offerings: Discovery Outsourcing.
Data Hosting/Processing Services.

Locations: United States: New York (HQ); Charlotte, NC (main operations center); Detroit; Houston; San Francisco; Los Angeles.
International: Mandaue City, Philippines.

Founding Circumstances: Founded in New York City in 2005 by experienced attorneys.

Owners: Discover Ready is controlled by the Dolan Co., a publicly traded company.

Revenue: $25.9 million in 2009.
In 2009, Discover Ready became a subsidiary of the Minneapolis-based Dolan Co. In 2011, Discover Ready purchased ACT Litigation Services in 2011 for $65 million.



Industry: Legal Forms/Publishing | Website:

Core Offerings: Subscription-based services (claims to be looking to expand this area) as well as one-off document assistance.

Size: 490,000 customer orders in 2011.
500+ employees.

Locations: United States: Glendale, CA (HQ); Austin; San Francisco.

Founding Circumstances: Launched in March of 2001.
Co-founded by Eddie Hartman, Brian Lee, Robert Shapiro and Brian Liu.
Significant ownership stakes held by venture capital firms.

Owners: Announced plans to go public, but those plans seem to be on hold.
Significant ownership stakes held by venture capital firms.

Revenue: $156 million in 2011 and an estimated $200 million in 2012.



Industry: Document Review | Website:\0x200E

Core Offerings: As Hudson Legal
E-Discovery Solutions: Technology-Optimized Linear Review; Advanced Computer-Assisted Review; Global E-Discovery; eDiscovery Technology Partners.
Legal Staffing: Document Review Teams; Foreign Language Review; Award-Winning Client Service.
Managed Review: Legal Review Centers; Project Management; Review Productivity; Review Technology.

Locations: United States: Los Angeles; San Francisco; Denver; Orlando; Tampa Bay; Atlanta; Chicago; Waltham, MA; Minneapolis; St. Louis; New York; Charlotte; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Dallas (2); Washington, DC.
International: Toronto, Canada; Canberra, Australia; Newcastle, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Brisbane, Australia; Adelaide, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Mount Waverly, Australia; Perth, Australia; Shanghai, China; Beijing, China; Guangzhou, China; Causeway Bay, Hong Kong; Auckland, New Zealand; Christchurch, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Singapore; Antwerp, Belgium; Brussels, Belgium; Courtrai, Belgium; Ghent, Belgium; Hasselt, Belgium; Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium; Prague, Czech Republic; Copenhagen, Denmark; Lille, France; Lyon, France; Marseille, France; Nantes, France; Neuilly sur Seine, France; Strasbourg, France; Budapest, Hungary; Dublin, Ireland; Leudelange, Luxembourg; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Arnhem, Netherlands; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; Warsaw, Poland; Torun, Poland; Bratislava, Slovakia; Barcelona, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; Gothenburg, Sweden; Malmo, Sweden; Birmingham, UK; London, UK; Manchester, UK; Milton Keynes, UK; Reading, UK; Aberdeen, UK; Edinburgh, UK; Glasgow, UK; Kiev, Ukraine; Dubai, UAE

News: Partnership with Recommind, July 2012.



Industry: Legal Forms/Publishing | Website:

Core Offerings: Seems to be taking direct aim at Lexis and Westlaw, and banking on a competitive advantage derived from providing better answers faster.

Locations: Washington, DC.

Founding Circumstances: Launched in 1999.



Industry: Document Review | Website:

Core Offerings: We place lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and legal support professionals on a temporary, project and full-time basis in high-demand practice areas. We also provide project teams, along with dedicated space and high-tech resources, for a wide range of initiatives including litigation support, M&A review and discovery matters.""

Locations: United States: Phoenix; Los Angeles; Oakland, CA; Palo Alto; San Diego; San Francisco; Westwood, CA; Denver; New York; Philadelphia; Washington, DC; Miami; Atlanta; Chicago; St. Louis; Baltimore; Boston; Southfield, MI; Minneapolis; St. Louis; Columbus; Dallas; Houston; Seattle.
International: Ottawa, Canada; Toronto, Canada.

Owners: A division of Robert Half International.



Industry: Predictive Coding | Website:

Core Offerings: Non-profit that operates a yearly schedule of small-scale conferences on antitrust law, IP and complex litigation, respectively. Focus seems to be primarily on recommendations of immediate benefit to the bench and bar" but also seeks to identify 'tipping points' in the law."
A non-partisan law and policy think tank on antitrust law, complex litigation and intellectual property legal issues. It is perhaps best known for the Sedona Principles Addressing Electronic Document Production, Second Edition (June 2007), one of the most influential guidelines of e-discovery best practices. The Sedona Principles consist of 14 "best practices recommendations and principles," each of which is accompanied by commentary regarding its application.
Working Group Series
* Working Group 1-Electronic Document Retention and Production
* Working Group 2-Protective Orders, Confidentiality and Public Access
* Working Group 3-The Role of Economics in Antitrust
* Working Group 4-Intersection of the Patent and Antitrust Laws
* Working Group 5-The Markman Process and Claim Construction
* Working Group 6-International Electronic Information Management, Discovery and Disclosure
* Working Group 7-Sedona Canada
* Working Group 8-Mass Torts and Punitive Damages
* Working Group 9-Patent Damages and Remedies"

Locations: Phoenix (HQ); Sedona, AZ.



Industry: Legal Process Outsourcing | Website:

Core Offerings: Litigation: Document Review; Integrated Discovery; Mortgage-Backed Securities Taskforce.
Corporate Transactional: Contract Management & Abstraction; Contract Drafting & Revision; M & A Due Diligence.
Governance, Risk and Compliance: Corporate Secretarial Services; Regulatory Research and Monitoring; Regulatory Mapping.
Intellectual Property.

Size: Claims to be the largest pure-play LPO company in the world.
Employs roughly 850 lawyers (as of June 2012).

Locations: United States: New York (HQ); Dallas.
International: Mumbai, India (HQ); Delhi, India.

Founding Circumstances: Founded by David Perla and Sanjay Kamlani, law school friends from U. Penn.

Owners: Bought by Thomson Reuters in 2010 in a $35-$40 million deal*.

*Figures based on previously published reports.

Revenue: As of November 2010, more than $25 million.



Industry: Legal Process Outsourcing | Website:

Core Offerings: Discovery Consulting: case management consulting; litigation readiness assessment; 26(f) meet and confer planning; data mapping and profiling; software training and support.
Digital Forensics: First Line Analysis™; mobile device forensics; cloud-based forensics; website capture; global data collection (Seek & Collect™); digital forensics analysis; password recovery; incident response teams; secure data storage and archiving; data destruction; expert witness services.
Data & Tape Indexing and Restoration: inventory and cataloging; tape restoration (Advanced Tape Discovery™); tape duplication; tape destruction and verification.
Data Analytics Consulting: a defensible approach to data reduction that reduces volume significantly more than other approaches."
Early Case Assessment: First Line Analysis™ (a software platform aimed at enabling quick assembly of enough material to, for example, choose between litigation and settlement or plan out a large-scale document review process).
E-Discovery Processing: E3™
Review: eView™
Legal Services: Consulting; Contract Management and Review (Tachyon™); Due Diligence; Intellectual Property; Legal Research & Drafting; On-Site Legal Resourcing.
Business Services: Consulting; Facilities & Property Management; Finance & Accounting; Information Technology; Marketing & Business Development; Procurement Management.
Document Services: Document Processing; Presentation Services; Transcription; Proofreading; Workflow Coordination; Virtual Assistant.
Research Services: Research Consulting; Strategic Research; Library & Information Services; Customer Analytics; Market Research; Financial Services Research; Competitive Intelligence Monitoring; Knowledge Management."

Size: 2,000+ associates.
Clients include 7 of the 10 largest global law firms; 8 of the top 10 and 32 of the top 50 firms according to Am Law; 3 of top 10 UK law firms; 9 of the top 10 investment banks and 11 of the top 50 global brands.

Locations: United States: Atlanta; Boston; Fargo; Los Angeles; New York; Washington, DC; Seattle; San Francisco; Houston; Charlotte; Chicago.
International: Toronto, Canada; Bristol, UK; London, UK; Johannesburg, South Africa; Mumbai, India; New Delhi, India; Venice, Italy; Sydney, Australia; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Manila, Philippines.

Founding Circumstances: Founded in 1998 and acquired by e-discovery competitor ONSITE3 in 2009.

Revenue: $87 million in 2010.

Customers: Microsoft: LPO services, including contract review, offshore document review, e-discovery.
CMS Cameron McKenna: outsourcing of firms entire support staff; 10-year deal worth more than #500 million.



Industry: Document Review | Website:

Core Offerings: Contract Management.
Digital Evidence Services.
Discovery Consulting.
Document Review.
Records Management.

Size: 2,283 full-time employees, including 1,417 full-time billable consultants as of December 31, 2012.

Locations: United States: Chicago (HQ); Atlanta; Boston; Detroit; Houston; New York; Portland; San Diego; Washington, DC; Miramar, FL; Morrisville, NC; Charlotte.
International: London, UK; Gurgaon, India.

Revenue: $626 million for 2012.
$606.3 million for 2011.
$515.7 million for 2010.
$526 million for 2009.
$430.2 million for 2008.
$314.6 million for 2007.



Industry: Predictive Coding | Website:

Core Offerings: Software licensing and consulting services in the areas of e-discovery, forensic data analysis and litigation support.
Software: Ringtail; Attenex
Services: Acuity; FTI Investigate; Ringtail On-Demand; Predictive Discovery; SITED.
Solutions: Identification, Preservation & Collection (Collection of Cloud/Sharepoint Data); Data Processing; Review and Production; Trial Support.
Consulting: E-Discovery Consulting; Computer Forensics and Investigations (IP Theft & Trade Secrets); Strategic Consulting.

Size: 3,500+ employees

Locations: United States: Annapolis, MD; Atlanta; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; New York; Pittsburgh; San Francisco; Seattle; Washington, DC.
International: London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Tokyo, Japan.

Founding Circumstances: FTI Technology seems to have been created, at least in significant part, via a series of acquisitions of e-discovery companies by FTI Consulting (e.g. Ringtail, G3 Consulting, Strategic Discovery, Attenex).

Owners: FTI Technology is a division of FTI Consulting, a publicly traded company.

Revenue: $1.58 billion in 2012.



Industry: Legal Process Outsourcing | Website:

Core Offerings: Litigation Support: eDiscovery Solution (LexDiscovery™); Early Case Assessment and Collections; Processing and Document Review (LexDiscovery™); Quantify; eMergence.
Law Firm Solutions.
Intellectual Property.
Contract Management: Loan Trade Closing; Commitment Management; Obligation Management.
Legal Research.
Governance Services.
Global Language Support.

Size: 850+ employees.
650 employees in India.

Locations: United States: Overland Park (HQ); New York; Cincinnati; Gainesville; Miami.
International: London, UK; Tel Aviv, Israel; Gurgaon, India.

Revenue: $42 million for 2011.

News: Teaming with Credit Suisse to offer a new suit of settlement services to companies that are in the process of selling various types of distressed loans . . . LexLoan makes sure all the legal details are covered and regulatory requirements met."
Named one of the U.S.'s fastest growing companies in 2011."



Industry: Predictive Coding | Website:

Core Offerings: E-Discovery, compliance and information management.
Seamless eDiscovery: Information Management; ECA, Preservation and Collection; Predictive Analytics & Predictive Coding.
Enterprise Email Management.
Content Governance.
Information Access: Enterprise Search; Knowledge Management.
Axcelerate eDiscovery: Axcelerate ECA & Collection; Axcelerate Review & Analysis; Axcelerate On-Demand.
Decisiv Access & Governance: Decisiv Search (expertise location; Matters & Expertise; Projects Expertise; Qwikfind; Content Delivery for SharePoint); Decisiv Email; Decisiv Content Governance.
CORE Platform: Technology Differentiators; Evolution of Search.

Size: 450+ employees.

Locations: United States: San Francisco (HQ); Norwood, MA; New York.
International: London, UK; Rheinbach, Germany; Sydney, Australia.

Founding Circumstances: Formed in 2000 and began selling predictive coding software in 2007.

Owners: Looking to go public soon.

Revenue: $70 million in 2012.
95% growth from 2010 to 2011, including 227% growth for Axcelerate On-Demand.
$23-28 million (2010); $14.7 million (2009); $14.4 million (2008); $8.5 million (2007); $4.6 million (2006).

Customers: Recently partnered with Hudson Legal.
Patented Predictive Coding.



Industry: Legal Process Outsourcing | Website:

Core Offerings: Litigation Services: Managed Document Review; Litigation Support.
Corporate Legal Services: Contracts Management Support; Regulatory Compliance Support.
Legal Content and Publishing Services.
Foreign Language Services.

Size: 675+ employees

Locations: United States: San Francisco; New York; Washington, DC; Atlanta; Chicago; Salt Lake City; Los Angeles.
International: Pune, India.

Founding Circumstances: Founded in 2001 as the world's first pure-play legal process outsourcing (LPO) company.""

Revenue: $1.3 million in 2009 (estimated).



Industry: Document Review | Website:

Core Offerings: Special Counsel places attorneys, paralegals, legal nurses and legal support personnel on a temporary, temporary-to-direct hire, and direct hire basis into law firms and corporate legal departments. Special Counsel also offers court reporting services, deposition summary services, and TurnKey Legal Centers for off-site document-intensive litigation support.

Locations: United States: Phoenix; Los Angeles; Irvine, CA; San Diego; San Francisco; Foster City, CA; Denver; Stamford, CT; Washington, DC; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Miami; Atlanta; Chicago; Kansas City; New Orleans; Baltimore; Boston; Detroit; Minneapolis; Florham Park, NJ; New York; Charlotte; Raleigh; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Nashville; Austin; Dallas; Houston; San Antonio; Richmond, VA; Norfolk, VA; Seattle.

Owners: Owned by Adecco Group North America, a publicly traded company.



Industry: Legal Process Outsourcing | Website:

Core Offerings: Legal Process Outsourcing: Contract Solutions; Document Review; Legal Research Services; Transaction Support Services.
Patents: Patent Research Software; Patent Renewals; Patent Portfolio Optimisation; IP Recordals; Data Verification; IP Outsourcing.
Trademarks: Trademark Renewals; Trademark Watching; Data Verification; IP Recordals; Digital Content Watching; Trademark Search.
Software: Memotech; Inprotech; FoundationIP; The Ipendo Platform.
Domains: Domain Audit; Domain Management; Digital Content Watching.

Size: Employs 1,500 people.

Locations: United States: Alexandria; Minneapolis; Houston.
International: St. Helier, Bailiwick of Jersey (HQ); Sydney, Australia; Paris, France, Munich, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Central, Hong Kong; Noida, India; Gurgaon, India; Tokyo, Japan (NGB Corporation, which is described as CPA's representative in Japan"); Seoul, South Korea; Shenzhen, China; Malmo, Sweden and Linkoping, Sweden (both locations are for Ipendo Systems AB, which is listed as a "CPA Global subsidiary"); Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, UK."

Founding Circumstances: Founded in 1969 in Jersey, Channel Islands, originally to manage patent renewals on behalf of numerous firms.

Owners: Bought by Cinven, a European private equity firm, in January 2012.

Revenue: Roughly 80% of revenues come from IP-related legal outsourcing, with most of the rest coming from non-IP LSO or LPO work (as of March 2011).



Industry: Document Review | Website:

Core Offerings: Discovery Solutions.
Legal Staffing.

Locations: United States: Charlotte; Chicago; Columbia, SC; Los Angeles; New York; Peoria, IL; Philadelphia; Richmond; San Francisco; Stamford, CT; St. Louis; Washington, DC.
10 Interview Facilities
United States: Atlanta; Austin; Boston; Dallas; Detroit; Hartford, CT; Houston; Kansas City; Miami; Iselin, NJ.

Founding Circumstances: Founded in 1993.

Owners: 100% employee owned through the HCMC Legal, Inc. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).