Fishing for Bias: Wildlife research techniques find gaps in court record

Vanderbilt University law professor Edward Cheng says he’s discovered that publication bias in court records can conceal how often experts are allowed to testify, and he’s found a way to prove it.

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Mandatory tech CLE: An idea whose time has come

Does machine-learning-powered software make good research decisions? Lawyers can’t know for sure

Competence-based CLE: A different way to learn

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Posts delve into the big white-collar crime cases of the day, sometimes exploring the lawyers’ tactics.

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Poll: Which coffee caption has the best flavor?

Man holding giant coffee cup talks to coworker

  • 42.21%
    "You have a big trial coming up?" "No, just a meeting with a new client who says 'It's a simple divorce case.'"
  • 30.8%
    "I promised my wife I would limit myself to one cup per day."
  • 26.99%
    "I mean, if they'd wanted to limit the size of the refill cup I can bring from home, they should've put that in writing."

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How lawyers can negotiate for better salaries and positions (podcast with transcript)

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