Websites and apps for sharing crime and safety data have become outlets for racial profiling

When Shikira Porter learned that the social networking site Nextdoor was coming to her community in Oakland, California, she couldn’t wait to join. The site offers a private platform for…

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Legal Rebels

Lawyers, the algorithms are better than you (at some things)

Deborah Rhode is at war with complacency (podcast)

‘Analytics for Dumm ...’ eh, lawyers

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The Law for Lawyers Today

The Law for Lawyers Today

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Weekly posts cover state court rulings in professional responsibility cases, disciplinary cases against lawyers, and ethics opinions issued by state bar associations. Some posts find legal ethics warnings and lessons in the major news stories of the day or highlight legal ethics pitfalls in the use of social media.

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    "This is as impartial as it gets."
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    "With recent budget cuts came a no-frills approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution."
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    "It's much cheaper than the jury consultant and still has a 50% chance of being right."

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How to build a book of business without looking desperate (podcast)

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