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SCOTUSblog analyzes the cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and posts breaking news of court decisions. Supreme Court decisions are often posted here before the high court puts them on its own website. During session, links to audio clips of oral arguments are posted as they are ready.

Author: SCOTUSblog's founder is U.S. Supreme Court litigator Tom Goldstein; the blog is sponsored by Bloomberg Law. Journalist Lyle Denniston handles breaking news of court decisions and makes other posts to the site. Denniston is also the National Constitution Center's adviser on constitutional literacy and contributes to Constitution Daily. Kali Borkoski is manager of SCOTUSblog, and Kiera Flynn is deputy manager of SCOTUSblog and practices at Goldstein & Russell. Law professor contributors include Amanda Frost of American University and Ronald Mann of Columbia University. Law student contributors include Conor McEvily of Georgetown University and Nabiha Syed of Oxford University.

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