Alternative Dispute Resolution

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"Conversations about dispute resolution."

ERM Legal Solutions

"Captures commentary on legal industry business models, technology and the law, innovation, culture change and legal practice management."

Family Diplomacy | A Collaborative Law Firm

“News and information about collaborative divorce, mediation, direct negotiations, unbundled legal services, name changes, adoptions, and LGBT family law.”

Golf Dispute Resolution

Blog discusses cases in which golf plays a role, with a myriad of quirky and humorous results.

Have Gavel Will Travel

Blog discusses the work of private judges, specifically regarding divorce in California. "Useful comments on doing a divorce."

Healthcare Neutral ADR Blog

Posts discuss issues and developments at the intersection of alternative dispute resolution and healthcare law.

Heintzman ADR

"This website discusses the nature and advantages of ADR and contains discussions about recent case law dealing with ADR. It will be a ready reference to important developments in ADR."

Human Law Mediation

Discussion of alternative dispute resolution topics and issues by a British lawyer.

International Arbitration

"Covers the notable legal cases, trends and personalities in international arbitration and seeks to facilitate the development of alternative dispute resolution practices."

Iván Ríos-Mena

Posts focus on conflict management in the workplace and achieving peaceful solutions.


Blog posts educate readers about the positives of and the limitations of alternative dispute resolutions. Authors include advice for both practitioners and for clients, and they explain how arbitration and mediation work in the real world. They also discuss updates to ADR laws and regulations.

Just Court ADR

"Resolution Systems Institute staff members discuss current issues in court alternative dispute resolution, bringing fresh, unique perspectives to these topics."

Lex Arbitri - The Indian Arbitration Blog

"The blog discusses developments in arbitration and related areas with a focus on India and other developing countries." Blog entries are also released as computer-voiced audio clips. A recent posts states that this group is also launching the Journal of Dispute Prevention and Resolution.

Making Divorce Work

This is a video blog that "covers conflict resolution and family law topics of interest to individuals, attorneys and mediators. Sample posts include why and how mediation works, examples of cases in which illustrate how mediation techniques worked in certain situations and how to translate those into your own life or practice.

Massachusetts Collaborative Divorce Law

Blog discusses topics relating to collaborative law and family law, particularly divorces.

Mediation’s Place

"How does mediation fit into a system of justice that seems antithetical to mediation? How do parties and attorneys shift gears from resolving issues by debate to resolving issues by diplomacy? Why is mediation called a form of "alternative" dispute resolution? What makes mediation work? These are a few of the questions I am interested in exploring in this blog."

Michael Pollack Mediation Services, LLC

"How we resolve our disputes. How the legal system works and doesn't work."

Negotiation Law Blog

"Everything you always wanted to know about negotiation but were afraid to ask ... "

New Georgia Family Law

This blawg gathers Georgia family law opinions, continuing legal education opportunities, client and professional resources, and other useful family law information.

Ombuds Blog

News and information for and about organizational ombuds.

Orlando Mediator

"This blog was created by Orlando Mediator Lawrence Kolin, Esq. to explore issues and trends in dispute resolution." The blog also discusses e-discovery issues.

Outsourcing Justice

"A blog about arbitration and arbitration law developments."

PGP Mediation

Posts discuss studies related to mediation and negotiation behavior and preview mediation conferences in California.

Reinsurance Focus

A blog covering reinsurance and arbitration legal issues.


Posts discuss LPOs, outsourcing, risk management, legal technology and advice for in-house lawyers.

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