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A Preponderance of Fashion

Posts cover labor and trademark issues arising in the fashion industry as well as appropriate workplace fashion for women.

A Progressive on the Prairie

"I may comment occasionally on a smattering of issues and will have links to political sites for those so inclined. But my focus will be on things that actually bring pleasure, meaning and nuance to life."

A Public Defender

A Public Defender has posts about about criminal law, recent opinions and proposed legislation, sometimes with a Connecticut focus.


"Appeals with attitude." Most posts, sometimes illustrated, take a humorous look at criminal justice topics with a focus on New York.

Arbitrary and Capricious

Arbitrary and Capricious summarizes and links to news about public defenders, criminal justice and juvenile justice.

Barco 2.0 : Law Library Reference

"Helpful information" about innovations in technology and business and other news of interest to legal researchers.

Being a Jackal

"This blog is slowly evolving into the innocuous blather that rumbles around in my brain."

Bitter Lawyer

Posts include snarky op-eds related to the legal news of the day, columns written by law students and young practicing lawyers about their experiences in the profession, coverage of quirky legal news stories—and a weekly caption contest.


"The result of one associate's nonbillable time."

Blawg Review

"Blawg Review is the blog carnival for everyone interested in law. ... Each weekly issue of Blawg Review is made up of article submissions selected from the best recent law blog posts. The blogger that puts together the Blawg Review carnival each week is called the 'host.' "


"Never attribute to guile that which can be explained by incompetence." Links to law-related news stories in the mainstream media and other blawg posts.

Blonde Justice

Discussion of public defender practice and legal tips, punctuated with girl talk.

Bloody Relations

"Where there's a relative, there's a bloody good argument to be had. This blog is about U.K. family law."

But I Did Everything Right!

"Every day is a cloudy day in the life of a disenchanted lawyer."


"Blogging about law, life and a little fish." This blog regularly hosts the weekly MILP (Moms in Law Practice) Roundup of recent posts by other lawyer-mother-bloggers.

Cella Bellum

Discussion of law school issues and lifestyle.

Ceteris Paribus

"This space discusses some elements of the author’s life that don’t conflict with either decorum or professional responsibilities. Usually that involves politics, eating and some introspection."

Chasing Truth. Catching Hell.

The aim of the blog is to help readers have a more informed opinion about the criminal justice system and the effects on those who come in contact with it.


Wide-ranging discussion of law school issues interspersed with general life topics. "This is the tumblelog of a law student with little will. A multi-media side-dish snippet salad of products, news, pics, flics, quotes, and procrastinations for and about law school."

Communist Tax Lawyer

"A news, research and discussion platform for monitoring the evolution of communist and ex-communist countries to market economies."

Confessions of a Laid-Off Lawyer

"Just your average Joe blogging away his debt in one year or less."

Constitutional Daily

Unsigned news posts offer quick summaries of the day's news, and each named author writes a column that can be found on the site. The Blind Drunk Justice podcast can also be found on the site. The site also features its own tongue-in-cheek Black Label Law Dictionary.

CSB: Crime Scene Blog

"Crime happens. We blog it." Discussions of crimes that have been in the news, with numerous links to other sites and related information.


"The UNAUTHORIZED blogger collective for the University of Colorado Law School."

Daisy, JD (Just Daisy)

"No goal is met without sweet tea or a glass of wine."

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