• Separating in the City

    Separating in the City is about the divorce process: what every person needs to know if thinking about separation or divorce, currently going through a divorce or trying to move on from a recent divorce. The blawg covers psychological and social issues related to divorce, news stories about divorce statistics, as well as legal issues such as finances and custody.

  • Sex Offender News, Issues, Research and Recidivism

    "Covers topics, issues, pending and historical court cases, and consequences facing, adult and juvenile sex offenders, in prison and life after in society. Covers current issues, sex offender registries, recidivism, dangerousness, risk assessment tools, therapy, civil commitment, subtle vigilantism, harassment and discrimination. Also other community concerns related to sex offender issues, and the United Nations human rights issues."

  • Shelley’s Case

    "Observations about the legal profession."

  • Siouxsie Law

    "Covers a wide range of topics—anything that would interest the darkly inclined. This includes, but is not limited to, torts, copyright disputes, employment disputes, trademark litigation, and consumer rights. Siouxsie also gives fashion advice and will be reviewing different products (such as makeup, clothing, shoes). Siouxsie hopes to do this all in a lighthearted manner, one which both pokes fun at the establishment while still taking it seriously."

  • Solicitr

    "Looking at life through legal lenses, Solicitr presents a dash of news with a dose of views, gossip and entertainment. Flick through for a bit of light relief or take the opportunity to have your say; your opinions, insights and stories are welcome."

  • South Florida Lawyers

    "A blog devoted to the lawyers of South Florida, their goings and doings, their peculiarities and personalities, all done with humor, love, jealousy, snark and just a little bit of class." Aggregates law-related news stories from Florida and elsewhere.

  • Spartan bLAWg

    Posts cover the concerns of a Michigan State University law student: studying for exams, favorite courses, studying methods, law review, the city of East Lansing and coping with stress.

  • Spilled Milk

    Most posts are about motherhood, but the blogger also writes about balancing her billable hours with her son's needs.

  • SportsBiz - The Business of Sports Illuminated

    "At the intersection of sports, business, law and money—and when you are talking about sports, you know it's all about the money."

  • Strange Justice

    "The thinking behind this blog is really simple: The guilty should be prevented from reoffending, and the innocent should not be convicted—not very complex, but often not achieved."

  • Sua Sponte

    "This is a space where law students will be writing about whatever gets us excited: politics, news, sports, and, of course, the law."

  • Surviving Law School as a Single Mom

    "The adventures of a single mom trying to maintain a life balance while attending law school part-time and working full-time."

  • t14

    Life as a member of the class of 2012 at a "top 14" law school.

  • Tales of the Fourth-Tier Nothing

    "The last ship to leave middle earth is chartered for the undying lands of riches and eternal life and a job in the legal profession ... so they claimed in the brochure."

  • Thanks, But No Thanks.

    "A dubious experiment in self-expression by someone whose tongue is nearly always in cheek. ... This project is a retrospective on my law school admission process ("hell"). In a few months' time, look for bitter/cynical 1L reflections and rants from NoSchool. If you recognize me- or are one of the lucky few who were given a link to it, do me a favor and let's both pretend you didn't see it, ok? You know how I feel about writers."

  • The Bar Exam Project

    "Like many of you reading this, I made a promise with my god that if I passed, I would help others pass the California Bar Exam. This is my way of doing it. Through this blog, I will help answer questions, examine a few exams and attempt to calm the mass hysterics."

  • The Bizzle

    An anonymous in-house lawyer in the United Kingdom posts reflective essays on his day-to-day work life and attitude toward his job and profession.

  • The Bright Coast

    "Intended to serve as a progressive voice hailing from the otherwise conservative confines of the University of San Diego School of Law and beyond."

  • The Chicago Syndicate

    This blawg focuses "on the Chicago mob, also known as 'The Outfit.' In addition to featuring current news articles, it will also attempt to provide some additional analysis and background information. This site may also feature news about the mafia in other cities and reviews of mafia-related books and movies."

  • The Esquirette

    "A Philly-based resource for women with conservative careers. Features include fashion tips, law school and career advice, inspiration and news."

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