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Confessions of a Laid-Off Lawyer

"Just your average Joe blogging away his debt in one year or less."

Constitutional Daily

Unsigned news posts offer quick summaries of the day's news, and each named author writes a column that can be found on the site. The Blind Drunk Justice podcast can also be found on the site. The site also features its own tongue-in-cheek Black Label Law Dictionary.

CSB: Crime Scene Blog

"Crime happens. We blog it." Discussions of crimes that have been in the news, with numerous links to other sites and related information.


"The UNAUTHORIZED blogger collective for the University of Colorado Law School."

Daisy, JD (Just Daisy)

"No goal is met without sweet tea or a glass of wine."

Defrosting Cold Cases

The blog gives victims of unsolved cases a Web presence—well over 100 victims so far—and also speaks out for defendants she thinks have been wrongfully convicted. If readers are able to find and send her more information about a case she's written about, she'll file follow-up posts. Other posts contain interviews with evidence experts and crime novelists about their work.

Divine Angst

"I began the process of applying to law school in the summer of 2004 and started this blog to chronicle the grand adventure. It was a big shift for me, nerve-racking and exciting, if not always fun."


The blog is described as "a site for underdogs" with posts featuring topics including criminal defense.

Dysfunctional Didactics

"Living in the law school, and occasionally Tulsa, Okla."


"For students at Boston College Law School." There is a public blawg as well as a "members only" section only accessible by the Boston College students and faculty.

ECHR case-law news of France

"The blog’s goal is to provide legal news about incoming and pending applications, decisions, judgments and resolutions regarding the French Republic at the European Court of Human Rights."

Esq. Never

"One law school graduate's attempt to find a fulfilling career in spite of his legal education."

Estate of Denial

"Shining light on the dark side of estate management.This website will hopefully provide perspective on what we call Involuntary Redistribution of Assets." The blawg welcomes submitted stories about estate fraud and elder abuse at the hands of lawyers and judges.

EU Law Blog

"This is a web log about European Union law for students, academics, practitioners and anyone else who may be interested in it."

Every Six Minutes

"My journey of discovery after leaving my job as a corporate lawyer."

Existing as a Public Defender

This blawgger sounds off on recent crime stories in the news and court decisions, and she also describes her day-to-day life in law practice.

Fame Appeal

"Entertainment and fashion industry on a legal and business catwalk."

Fannie’s Room

"Political, social, and homo writings for which the First Amendment may or may not have been intended."

Fight Copyright Trolls

“Let’s demote copyright troll species’ status first to endangered, then to extinct.”

Fight The Hypo

"Mostly about the experience of law school, but readers will also find posts on the development of their legal careers, the opportunities and pitfalls of the law, current events, politics and media."

First World Lawyer Problems

"Musings on the daily reality that is the life of an associate attorney."

Florida Animal Law

This blawg covers issues and news related to animal law with a focus on Florida.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to Law School

This tumblr uses animated GIFs to express angst about law school.


"Cutting-edge commentary by harmless, lovable Ave Maria School of Law alums!"

"Devoted to bringing prison issues to light."

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