• U.S. Fifth Circuit

    "Features news and information from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which hears appeals from U.S. District Courts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. This blog also features news that would be of interest to legal professionals practicing in the 5th Circuit. "

  • U.S. Immigration Law—A News Blog

    U.S. Immigration Law--A News Blog has updates on immigration law and regulations.

  • U.S. IP LAW

    "Comments on all aspects of U.S. intellectual property law and policy, general IP, business IP, and entertainment IP, plus comments of interest!"

  • U.S. Supreme Court Blog

    U.S. Supreme Court Blog has "quick summaries and commentary on Supreme Court cases."

  • UAV Patents, Patent Litigation and Patent Appeal(s) Weblog

    "Unmanned aerial vehicles patent applications are covered."

  • UK Human Rights Blog

    "Aims to provide a free, comprehensive and balanced legal update service. Our intention is not to campaign on any particular issue, but rather to present both sides of the argument on issues which are often highly controversial."

  • UKSC Blog

    "This blog is dedicated to the U.K. Supreme Court. The U.K. Supreme Court is the U.K.'s highest court; its judgments bind lower courts and thus shape the development of English Law. Since 1399, the Law Lords, the judges of the most senior court in the country, have sat within Parliament. From October 2009, however, they have moved to an independent court in the Middlesex Guildhall. To mark this historic development, this blog has been set up to provide commentary on the U.K. Supreme Court and its judgments."

  • Undercover Lawyer

    "What Your Boss Does Not Want You To Know ... ." Employment law information and employment litigation in the news.

  • Underdog Blog

    Underdog Blog has posts about criminal defense law, including summaries of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Posts also address First Amendment and other constitutional law developments.

  • UnemployedJD.com

    "Supporting law school transparency and career counseling reform."

  • Unfolding Israel Market Developments

    "Updates and legal developments in the Israeli market."

  • Uniform Commercial Code Litigation

    Focusing on new developments in litigation involving the Uniform Commercial Code. A resource for lawyers who litigate issues involving the UCC. Share tips, strategies, legal theories, successful rulings, and recent developments in lawsuits concerning any aspect of the UCC.

  • Unincorporated Business Law Prof Blog

    Covers news, scholarship and cases involving unincorporated businesses.

  • UnIntellectual Property

    "UnIntellectual Property (or UnIP, a term coined by the publisher of this blog and used throughout it) is the opposite of intellectual property. Whereas intellectual property typically affords the owner exclusive rights, unintellectual property affords no one owner exclusive rights. This blog, UnIntellectualProperty.com, highlights instances where an owner attempted to claim exclusive intellectual property rights in a trademark, copyright, or trade secret (and to a lesser extent patent) only to have a court of law, or other authority, declare no intellectual property rights exists."

  • United Students Federation (USF) Pakistan

    "The idea behind United Students Federation is to provide a platform to the Pakistani students from all over the country and abroad to unite and raise their voice against all the social evils and spread political awareness among the masses."

  • University of Alberta Faculty Blog

    "Commentary on current events and devolopments in Canadian, international and foreign law."

  • University of Arkansas School of Law Blog

    A group blog published by the University of Arkansas School of Law.

  • University of Baltimore Law Library Weblog

    Covers issues, news and links of interest to the law school community.

  • Unpaid Overtime Blog

    Verdicts and settlements in wage-and-hour cases and items related to the Employment Law Group.

  • Unpaid Wage and Overtime Claim Blog

    Posts are directed "at workers looking to pursue unpaid wage claims" in Florida "and at educating other attorneys or wage claim issues."

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