• AdvocateKhoj Blogs

    "We cover the daily buzz in the legal community by providing information, resources and news on Indian law."

  • Asiabizblog - Business and Law for China and Asia

    "The Web's first China business blog."

  • Ask Korea Law

    "Covers various legal issues related to Korean laws, providing articles, court rulings, legal news and commentaries on various fields of Korean law."

  • Atty. Manuel J. Laserna Jr.

    "Notes on justice system, legal profession, and legal education."

  • Bar & Bench

    "A comprehensive news and analysis portal for Indian legal professionals." Posts focus on India legal news, including legal process outsourcing news.

  • Boulder2Beijing

    The blog started out chronicling the life of two attorneys from Boulder, Colo., who tried out life in China for a year.

  • BRIC Wall

    "The mission of this blog is to provide unique insights on patent law developments in at least the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. We say 'at least' because we intend to expand our discussions to other emerging market countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Our emphasis will be primarily in the chemical and life sciences areas."

  • China Blawg

    "Intended to provide insight and inspiration for businesspeople and professionals who want to connect with the basics of doing business in China."

  • China Briefing

    This blog provides news, analysis and commentary on economic, business and regulatory issues in China and compliments a monthly magazine and growing library of technical business guides.

  • China Esquire: Law and Business Blog

    "Chinese law, business, and society blog, which contains analysis and commentary on practicing law and doing business with Chinese clients."

  • China Hearsay

    Commentary and analysis of law and business in China.

  • China IPR

    "The blog aims to provide access to information, news and events related to IP development in China."

  • China Law & Business Blog

    Discusses business law in China and current events that affect companies dealing with China and other Asian countries.

  • China Law Blog

    Posts cover China business news and entertain with links to fish-out-of-water posts about being an American in China.

  • China Law Insight

    "Provides readers with updates in both English and Chinese on recent legal developments that concern business leaders, corporate counsel, and China watchers alike."

  • China-U.S. Trade Law

    "Dedicated to exposure and critical discussion of the friction, the instances where China and the United States turn to the rule of law to settle their differences, and where they express their more philosophical and policy concerns on trade. It is also intended to be a forum to address misunderstandings. At this site, manufacturers, exporters, officials, and other interested persons will be able to find essential information about active trade disputes between China and the United States, as well as insightful commentary on this particular trade relationship, and on international trade more generally."

  • Chinese Law Prof Blog

    Covers developments in Chinese law, especially related to American practitioners and the legal profession.

  • Communist Tax Lawyer

    "A news, research and discussion platform for monitoring the evolution of communist and ex-communist countries to market economies."

  • ComplianceAsia News

    "We aim to offer all of the latest developments we think are relevant to compliance professionals dealing with issues in financial regulation with a focus on the Asian region. Many of the articles are from the US and the UK because these are the principal locations that effect how firms operate in Asia outside of the regulator that is closest to your Asian operation."

  • Contract Drafting Essentials

    "A blog on contract drafting from perspective of contract law of India."

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