Bankruptcy Law

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Clear Counsel Blog

A blog focused on Nevada law, as well as observations of Nevada and Las Vegas lifestyle. Topics include estate planning, probate, personal injury and bankruptcy cases and issues.

Colorado Bankruptcy Blawg

"My blawg is one more way that I 'translate' bankruptcy law." Generally focused on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in Colorado.

Consumer Bankruptcy News

"Discussion of issues related to consumer bankruptcy."

Consumer Litigation Group

Posts cover topics of interest to consumers going through bankruptcy and explain provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Corporate Restructuring Blog

"The latest news and commentary about restructuring practice."

Credit Slips

Posts cover credit, bankruptcy, consumers and financial institutions.

Creditors’ Sidebar

“Focused on bankruptcy, insolvency and creditors’ rights issues.”

David Harris Bankruptcy Law

Consumer-oriented posts discuss common issues arising out of bankruptcy cases.

DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC

Posts cover topics in bankruptcy and student loan debt in the Milwaukee, Wisc. area.

Delaware Bankruptcy Insider

"The Delaware Bankruptcy Insider is a premier blog designed to bring its readers a comprehensive summary of the latest Delaware corporate bankruptcy news and rulings."

Delaware Business Bankruptcy Report

Providing access to current decisions, news and commentary regarding commercial bankruptcy cases in Delaware.

Denver Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

Posts describe the process for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies; gives advice on how to proceed; and answers some frequently asked questions. Occasionally a post will talk about a bankruptcy news story.

Diamond Law on Bankruptcy and Related Topics

Blog discusses bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Don’t Go Alone: A Bankruptcy Law Blog

Discusses bankruptcy situations with both general advice and advice specific to Massachusetts. Companion to Kelsey & Trask's family law blog, Scaling the Summit: A Family Law Blog.

dorota trzeciecka bankruptcy blog

"Personal bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedure, prevention of foreclosure through loan modification, loan workouts, and bankruptcy." Posts are consumer-oriented.

Drescher & Associates, P.A. Blog

Posts cover the bankruptcy cases in the news and discuss the foreclosure crisis.

Duncan Law Blog

Covers a wide range of topics about bankruptcy workers' compensation topics. More than 280 videos provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Faro & Crowder Blog

Posts cover topics in bankruptcy and foreclosure in Florida.

FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

"Discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other federal and state consumer protection laws and follows collection industry news from a consumer prospective."

FDCPA Defense Blog

Posts feature cases and articles of interest to FDCPA defendants and defense attorneys.

Finance & Capital Markets

From financing in the craft brewing industry to the role of export credit agencies, the blog’s goal is to inform its readers on all aspects of finance and capital markets.

Financial Recovery Law

"Activities of the federal and local governments along with private industry to survive the economic downturn by investment, recapitalization, restructure or bailout."

Flexer Law Blog

Posts cover topics of interest to individuals who have filed for bankruptcy or are considering it; cover topics of interest for those who have filed a personal injury claim or have considered it; and address legal questions arising from middle Tennessee new stories.

Florida Asset Protection Blog

Florida Asset Protection Blog covers Florida asset protection and bankruptcy law.

Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog

The Florida Bankruptcy Law Blog has information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Orlando, Fla.

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