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Litigation, Evaluation and Trial Strategy Blog

This blog contains advice for trial lawyers and (to a lesser extent) clients, with posts such as "Twelve Ways To Alienate The Trial Judge" and "Why You Need To Interview Your Client."


Posts cover legal research and tech issues relevant to librarians, lawyers and law firms.

Logikcull Blog

Run by an e-discovery automation company, the blog discusses the use of technology in the law, including issues of cybersecurity and evidence collection.


"Collecting, saving, creating and reviewing tips, hints, tricks and hardware/software for lawyers and staff using Macs in litigation."


"Covers up-to-the-minute updates in the ever-changing landscape of online legal marketing."

Make It Rain

Posts are anecdotes intended to inspire lawyers in their pursuit of clients.

Managing Law Firms in Transition

Posts discuss law firm management strategy, including succession planning, and explore strategic errors that can cause a law firm to decline.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education

Topics cover issues of interest to continuing legal education presenters and providers, attorneys and other CLE professionals.

Mark Merenda’s SmartBlog

Posts on trends, tips and marketing suggestions for attorney and financial professionals.

Marketing Attorney Blog

Posts note conferences and offer advice for law firm partners looking for better approaches to marketing their practices.

Marketing for Lawyers

Posts cover topics in legal industry marketing and PR, offering advice on how to handle changes in technology and topics in marketing.

Marketing Strategy and the Law

Posts cover the use of social media for business-generation purposes, law practice management issues and the author's takes on work/life balance. The blog also hosts a "Weekly Voir Dire: Conference Call" at noon ET every Friday for those who register.

Mass. LOMAP: Law Practice Advisor

Practice management issues, including software options as well as more general advice. Also, Massachusetts law and supreme court guidelines and Massachusetts Bar Association events.

Massachusetts Law Updates

"From the Massachusetts trial court law libraries."

Discussion of law, legal issues and news of interest to the profession, with a particular focus on Massachusetts.

Mattern of Fact

"Aims to educate and inform the legal community about in-house and outsourced support services, cost recovery and the vendor contracts that support these functions. This will include strategies for making these operations and contracts more cost-effective and efficient in addition to improving your billable cost recovery revenue."

Minority Defense Litigator

"A forum for discussion of information relevant to minority lawyers who defend businesses, insurance companies and others in civil litigation."

Molly Porter

Posts focus on digital communications, content strategy and social media.

Mootus Blog

"Make good law."

Moritz Legal Information Blog

"Legal information and research resources brought to you by the Michael E. Moritz Law Library at The Ohio State University."


"Serving women in law school and the legal profession, Ms. JD is an online community that provides a forum for dialogue and networking among women lawyers and aspiring lawyers." The blawg features issues relating to the numbers of women who opt out of the legal profession and the poor representation of women in the courts and legal community. The site also addresses the role of gender in legal careers.

My Shingle

"Dedicated to the demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own." This blog was started to help students and lawyers at firms who want to create unconventional practices and to provide a place for solos to trade advice and tout their successes.

MyCase Blog

"Cloud computing, collaboration, and effective use of legal social media and Web-based practice management technology."

Myrland Marketing

Posts cover how lawyers can market themselves with social media and other skills and tools.

NALFA Attorney Fees Blog

"News and opinion on attorney fee and legal billing jurisprudence." Recent entries include "Mass AG Investigates Utility's $18M Legal Bill," "Top 10 Things an Attorney Fee Expert Should Do" and "Largest Class Action Fee Awards in U.S. History."

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