Criminal Justice

  • Seeking Justice

    "This blog will be devoted to exploring the crisis in the Catholic Church, the destruction of Western Civilization, and the airing of my gripes about my professional field, criminal justice, viewed from my lofty perch as a local prosecutor in the trenches. I make no apologies for my visceral traditionalism nor for my heroes, such as (in random order) Chesterton, Salazar, Scalia, Marcel Lefebvre."

  • SentenceSpeak

    "Provides irreverent, provocative, and advocacy-oriented coverage of sentencing law, reform, and the growing movement away from tough on crime sentencing policies."

  • Sentencing Law and Policy

    Several posts per day, keep “sentencing fans” updated on the latest news stories, commentary, cert grants, rulings, argument transcripts, research and scholarship on criminal penalties.

  • Sex Offender News, Issues, Research and Recidivism

    "Covers topics, issues, pending and historical court cases, and consequences facing, adult and juvenile sex offenders, in prison and life after in society. Covers current issues, sex offender registries, recidivism, dangerousness, risk assessment tools, therapy, civil commitment, subtle vigilantism, harassment and discrimination. Also other community concerns related to sex offender issues, and the United Nations human rights issues."

  • Sexual Abuse Claims Blog

    Sex abuse cases involving religious leaders, with a focus on Canada.

  • Sexual Abuse CT

    "Sexual abuse information for victims."

  • Shaun Kaufman Law

    Criminal law issues with a focus on the law in Colorado.

  • Simple Justice

    Posts offer the author's jaded take on criminal justice news and issues within and sometimes beyond New York City’s borders.

  • Six Hours Past Thursday

    This blawgger outs all the shady business opportunities, ultra-low-cost vacation deals and other too-good-to-be-true come-ons he finds, and writes about the con man's favored techniques from the perspective of the scammer.

  • Sixth Circuit Blog

    Commentary and summaries of cases before the Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Snitching Blog

    "A comprehensive resource on criminal informants: legal developments, legislation, news stories, cultural reactions, commentary and more ..."

  • Solitary Watch

    "News from a nation in lockdown."

  • South Bay Crimes & Courts

    Crime and courts news from the Torrance, Calif., area.

  • South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog

    Commentary and news on criminal defense issues with a focus on South Carolina.

  • South Carolina Criminal Lawyer Blog

    Criminal and mortgage fraud stories and verdicts in South Carolina and nationwide.

  • South Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    Criminal defense law news and issues.

  • Southern California Defense Blog

    Discussion of criminal law and legal issues geared toward clients rather than practitioners.

  • Southern District of Florida Blog

    Southern District of Florida Blog is dedicated to providing news and notes regarding federal practice in the Southern District of Florida.

  • Spar & Bernstein’s Law Link

    "About all things law as well as the compelling comings, goings, and points of view of a New York City law firm." The podcast Immigration Link with Brad Bernstein can also be found here.

  • SpigaLaw

    Blog discusses news and criminal cases in California, including ones handled by the firm.

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