Criminal Procedure

  • Innocence Matters

    Blog discusses wrongful convictions, and tracks court cases that Innocence Matters has been involved with. Recently the blog celebrated the organization's first exoneration, of a man named John Smith; he had been convicted of murder by false testimony.

  • Intellectual Competence and the Death Penalty

    "An attempt to provide understandable and up-to-date information regarding intelligence testing, intelligence theories, personal competence, adaptive behavior and intellectual disability (mental retardation)as they relate to death penalty (capital punishment) issues. A particular focus will be on psychological measurement, statistical and psychometric issues."

  • Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog

    Criminal defense law in Florida.

  • Koehler Law

    The author writes about criminal law and procedure in Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia and about the challenges of starting a law firm. He also "discusses current events, new case law, trial strategies, and the legal blogosphere, with some gossip, poetry and humor thrown in for good measure."

  • Law Blog of William L. Pfeifer, Jr.

    Posts discuss criminal law, family law, and appeals, specifically in Alabama.

  • Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

    Blog discusses criminal defense, Supreme Court decisions, DUI laws, constitutional law, immigration law and current events. Occasionally has video podcasts.

  • Liberty and Justice for Y’all

    "A blawg devoted to recent developments and scholarly discussion of Texas criminal law and procedure."

  • Lori G. Levin

    Blog discusses criminal, juvenile and mental health issues, primarily in Illinois. Many posts focus on new trends in criminal and juvenile law issues including decisions from the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

    Posts explain criminal justice concepts by using examples of California cases.

  • Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    Reports on criminal law cases, news and opinions in Massachusetts.

  • Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    Features criminal law news, cases and reports in Florida.

  • Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    "Provides insight on criminal law news, cases and reports in Michigan."

  • Minnesota DWI Defense Blog

    Posts cover news, scientific developments and changes in the law relating to drunken driving, aka DWI/DUI/OWI, in Minnesota.

  • Mississippi Criminal Defense Law Blog

    "Discusses various current issues and addresses frequently asked questions in Mississippi criminal law, including: DUI and drug law; search and seizure law; criminal procedure; and court case updates and other news."

  • Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

    "Issues involving criminal law in Mississippi."

  • Morris Law Firm Matters

    "Discusses criminal justice issues important to individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes in Pinellas County, Fla. Topics include recent changes in the law, important judicial decisions impacting criminal justice and criminal procedure, and defenses that are unique under Florida law."

  • Mountain Legal

    "Mountain Legal's criminal defense blog discusses issues of importance to the Colorado criminal defense community and to criminal defendants in Colorado."

  • Nevada Criminal Defense

    Largely aimed at a consumer audience, posts cover criminal justice issues and procedure.

  • New Jersey Criminal Defense Blog

    This blawg covers news, information, and events about criminal defense law in the state of New Jersey including shoplifting, drunken driving and theft.

  • New York City Criminal Law Answers

    Posts answer "questions regarding criminal charges, criminal procedures, fraud and other charges."

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