Family Law

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Legal Rumors

Posts cover issues that an individual going through a divorce in California might face.

Lexington Family Law

Lexington Family Law covers family law topics, including psychological issues surrounding divorce.

Linda’s Law Blog

"Questions, answers, comments, information, analysis and perspectives on law, especially family law, divorce, child support, custody, equitable distribution, alimony and taxes by a Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawyer, located in Philadelphia."

Live with Attorney Sherri Jefferson

A weekly podcast with Sherri Jefferson (attorney and founder of the Family Law Center and AAJJP), which explores issues and challenges facing our homes, schools, communities, nation and world.

Lombardo Law Offices

Posts offer vehicle safety tips and answers questions that New Jersey residents might have about criminal law, family law, or being injured in an accident.

Lonich & Patton, LLP Blog

This blawg focuses on family law and estate planning. Posts include topics such as child support and visitation rights; sperm donor parental rights; the difference between revocable and irrevocable trusts; and estate planning for same-sex couples.

Love Lawyer

Answers to readers' questions on relationships, divorce, custody, support and prenuptial agreements and commentary on how celebrities are handling the same issues.

Maine Divorce Law Blog

This blawg is written as a guide to all aspects of Maine family law, including divorce, separation, child support, mediation, spousal support, child custody and property rights.

Making Divorce Work

This is a video blog that "covers conflict resolution and family law topics of interest to individuals, attorneys and mediators. Sample posts include why and how mediation works, examples of cases in which illustrate how mediation techniques worked in certain situations and how to translate those into your own life or practice.

Malatesta Law Offices

"Blog discusses the law in general, Illinois law, and more specifically civil law in Illinois."

Marilyn Stowe Blog

"Where family law meets family life ..." U.K. blogger offers commentary on family law and her working life.

Mark Chinn’s Family Law Blog

"Discusses family law topics on a national and local level (Mississippi) including the impact of recent Supreme Court decisions on family law cases."

MartinWren, P.C

This blog provides commentary on Virginia laws and recent legal news while also informing readers of various aspects of law such as causes of motor vehicle injuries and defenses in negligence actions.

Maryland Divorce Legal Crier

The Maryland Divorce Legal Crier has "news and comments about divorce, child support, child custody, alimony, equitable property distribution, father's rights, mother's rights, family law, laws on divorce and other legal information in Maryland."

Maryland Family Law

Maryland Family Law has "general information and commentary on child custody, support, divorce, separation and visitation."

Maryland Trial Lawyer

"Concerns relevant issues to legal system, lawyers, civility, family and domestic violence law, with frequent injections of legal humor, relevant videos and professional rants."

Massachusetts Collaborative Divorce Law

Blog discusses topics relating to collaborative law and family law, particularly divorces.

Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog

"Recent developments in divorce and family law."

Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer Blog

"Blogging about divorce and marriage issues in Massachusetts."

McNeal Legal Blog

"Weekly blog posts on Florida family law and civil and probate litigation."

Melocowsky & Melocowsky Blog

Personal injury, family law and criminal defense.

Merlinus Goodman Monroe, LLC

Posts focus on Georgia law as it pertains to divorce, child custody, alimony, and court rules.

Milwaukee Criminal Defense Lawyers Blog

Blog posts discuss recent criminal cases in Wisconsin; news involving the Wisconsin courts; and advice for people in the Wisconsin court system. Areas of focus include criminal defense, immigration law and family law.

Minnesota Divorce & Family Law Blog

"Useful, up-to-date information on divorce and family law issues."

Minnesota Divorce and Family Law

"Insights gained while practicing exclusively divorce and family law."

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