Family Law

  • New York Divorce and Family Law Blog

    "This site will report on recent New York decisions regarding New York divorce and family law which, in our opinion, are important for those involved in the New York court system. Where appropriate, our postings will contain editorial comment."

  • New York Divorce Report

    "A blog discussing law and developments in divorce and family law in New York."

  • New York Family Law Blog

    Celebrity family law cases in the news.

  • New York Law Blog

    A blog that covers a wide variety of legal issues in the state of New York, published by law firm Jacobowitz & Gubits, LLP.

  • News from Attorney Carlos Gamino

    "Issues affecting the Milwaukee area, local news stories, and updates in the law."

  • NJ Family Legal Blog

    "Provides practical information and useful tips related to such topics as alimony, child support, custody, parenting time, divorce, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and grandparent visitation. This blog is an excellent resource for individuals with New Jersey specific family law questions and advisors whose clients may encounter family law issues."

  • No Papered

    "Information about criminal law in the nation's capitol provided by a solo practitioner and criminal trial lawyer."

  • North Carolina Family Law Blog

    "Discusses a variety of family law issues, bringing together content about marriage, divorce, and parenting from local, state and national media outlets."

  • North Texas Divorce & Family Law

    "Current news and updates on recent developments in Texas family law."

  • Northern Law Blog

    Posts are on general topics of legal interest, not limited to Illinois. There's no real overarching theme to the coverage, other than analysis of current cases.

  • NY Divorce Blog

    "In his blawg, Bruce is discussing the recent events and legislature affecting his area of practice--family law."

  • Ocala Divorce Lawyer Blog

    Discusses divorce law opinions, reports and news in Florida.

  • Ogden Attorney Blog

    "The Ogden Attorney Blog focuses on issues facing Utah residents, including new laws, emerging trends in the criminal justice system and surprising legal news in the local community."

  • Ohio Divorce and Custody Lawyer Blog

    "Relevant, current Ohio family law trends and developments, laced with a hefty dose of straight talk, practical advice and a smidgen of humor."

  • Ohio Family Law Blog

    "Well-written information on divorce and family law in Ohio."

  • Oklahoma Family Law Blog

    This blawg is an information source regarding Oklahoma family law issues, including divorce, paternity, custody, visitation, child support, child relocation, protective orders and post-decree modification and enforcement.

  • Orange County Divorce Lawyer Blog

    Discusses divorce law news, cases and opinions in California.

  • Oregon Divorce Blog

    "Education and current topics on Oregon family law, including appellate opinions, client tips and explanation of legal issues and law."

  • Palm Beach County Family Law Blog

    "Family law blog with fun and informative articles."

  • Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek Advocacy Blog

    Posts are all excerpts written by outside sources, presented without commentary. Topics include elder care, people with disabilities, autism, legislation, law firm management, veterans and insurance issues.

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