• AdvocateKhoj Blogs

    "We cover the daily buzz in the legal community by providing information, resources and news on Indian law."

  • Bar & Bench

    "A comprehensive news and analysis portal for Indian legal professionals." Posts focus on India legal news, including legal process outsourcing news.

  • BRIC Wall

    "The mission of this blog is to provide unique insights on patent law developments in at least the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. We say 'at least' because we intend to expand our discussions to other emerging market countries such as South Africa, Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, etc. Our emphasis will be primarily in the chemical and life sciences areas."

  • Contract Drafting Essentials

    "A blog on contract drafting from perspective of contract law of India."

  • Desi Kanoon - Your Distinct Dose of Law

    Posts "track vital advancements in the legal domain and the constitutional design of India. The goal of the site is to make these and other resources available to those involved in the field of law."

  • Gambling Laws in India

    "First of its kind website to monitor developments in India's gaming laws and urge for reforms in the archaic gaming laws prohibiting almost all forms of wagers."

  • India Briefing

    "Designed to educate and illustrate matters of foreign direct investment legal, tax and compliance issues that foreign direct investors face when establishing operations in India."

  • Indian Company Law

    "Articles on various issues touching Indian company laws or the issues touching the corporate world."

  • Indian Corporate Law

    "A periodic review of topics of interest in corporate and business law that impact India."

  • Law Without Borders

    "Adventures in legal services outsourcing to India and beyond."

  • Lawctopus

    Written for law students in India, the blog contains law school news, career advice, internship stories and "Lawstruck," a forum for creative works of art.

  • Legal Decisions

    Blog reviews legal decisions and news in India and around the world.

  • Legal Offshoring

    Links to different outsourcing companies in India and information about related conferences.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing

    "Legal Process Outsourcing is slated to be the next mover and shaker. This blog will track the activity in this space."

  • Legal Process Outsourcing

    Observations on legal outsourcing.

  • Legal Process Outsourcing

    Discusses LPO topics, such as billing and alternative business structures.

  • Legaldrift

    "Analyzing every news, happening and occurrence from the legal point of view is the genesis of this site. Principles of justice and law are seen everywhere. Notions of justice prevail from the streets to the zenith, from fables to reality and from children to adults."

  • Legally

    Reports "news and information relevant to Indian law firms, Indian lawyers, international law firms and lawyers doing business in India."

  • Lex Arbitri - The Indian Arbitration Blog

    "The blog discusses developments in arbitration and related areas with a focus on India and other developing countries." Blog entries are also released as computer-voiced audio clips. A recent posts states that this group is also launching the Journal of Dispute Prevention and Resolution.

  • Scriboard

    "About ideas and people—the blog focuses on innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual property."

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