• SullivanLaw.Net

    "Legal news and analysis, with a special emphasis on intellectual property."

  • Surrogacy in India

    "A constant updater on the happenings in the international arena with regard to surrogacy and also, how it affects India."

  • Take The law…

    Posts cover legal news in the Queensland, Australia area.

  • Tax Litigation

    "Keeping an eye on Canadian tax litigation developments."

  • techblawg

    "Focuses primarily on issues involving the intersection of law, technology and finance."

  • The 1709 Blog

    "In 1709 the Statute of Anne created the first purpose-built copyright law. This blog, founded just 300 short and unextended years later, is dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all."

  • The Asian Law Blog

    "Regular updates on Asian law."

  • The Asylumist

    "The Asylumist is a blog about political asylum in the U.S. We hope it serves as a forum for discussion about law, policy, and politics of asylum. We cover issues related to asylees’ mental health, experience in the asylum system, and adjustment to life in the U.S."

  • The Barrister Bard

    "Witty and incisive comment on the law today, including crime and punishment, love and marriage, prison reform, personal injury, police and the courts."

  • The Barrister Blog

    Posts cover legal news, political news and legal figures in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and includes seaside photos.

  • The Brazil Law Blog

    "A legal and business blog with weekly articles designed to help foreign investors interested in doing business in Brazil."

  • The Chronicles of A Capitalist Lawyer

    "The blog discusses various aspects of law, business and economics and is not a how-to blog. The themes range from corporate law to Islamic law, from lawyers job to legal education, and I usually use economic analysis of law in analyzing the legal issues that I discuss in my blog."

  • The Conversation

    "Capturing interesting conversations in the course of my work ..."

  • The Court

    "The online resource for data and debate about the Supreme Court of Canada."

  • The Cross-Border Biotech Blog

    "Biotechnology, health and business in Canada, the United States and worldwide."

  • The Family Law Blog

    Comments on developments in U.K. family law.

  • The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The Justice of the Peace [magistrate’s] Blog

    Posts include observations that focus on the "declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the Big Brother state's ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties."

  • The Korean Law Blog

    Regular updates on Korean law.

  • The Law and Other Things

    Posts focus on Indian law, court developments and the constitution in India.

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