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Law Is Cool

Law Is Cool is a new blawg and podcast addressing issues related to law school and the legal field with a Canadian focus. The contents are intended for 1) current and potential law students; 2) graduates reviewing for their bar exam; and 3) members of the general public interested in learning more about the law.

Law School for Dummies

"Yet another law school blog, following a now-2L suffering and carousing (mostly suffering) through the psychological torture and endless mishaps of one of the world's greatest masochistic endeavors."

Law School Mom

"A book, a mom, and a baby."

Law School Red Ink White Collar Blues

"Following an upper-class law student as he attempts to secure a summer legal internship, wrestles with law professors, and comes to grip with mounting student debt."

Law School Superhero

"The blog includes advice for each year of law school, study tips, tricks on getting internships, etc. This site also contains battle strategies, like scheduling advice, essay approaches, and other information."

Law School Toolbox

Law School Toolbox aims to "demystify the exam preparation process, so you can spend your time doing things that matter. (And skip the things that don’t help.)"

Law, Technology & Arts Blog

The blog analyzes emerging legal issues in IP, technology, commerce and the arts and showcases research being developed by authors at the Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts.

law:/dev/null: Musings of a Computer Scientist turned Law Student

"As explained by one of our readers: "TDot discusses his own realities, challenges and triumphs throughout his first year of law school in a highly informative, humble, funny and—most importantly—in a down to earth and real manner. If you're thinking about law school (or already in it), we'll give it to you straight like a shot of whiskey."


Written for law students in India, the blog contains law school news, career advice, internship stories and "Lawstruck," a forum for creative works of art.


"The name Lawfare refers both to the use of law as a weapon of conflict and, perhaps more importantly, to the depressing reality that America remains at war with itself over the law governing its warfare with others." Posts cover subjects such as cybersecurity, international law as it relates to U.S. military operations, and anti-terrorism legislation from nations around the world.


"Features the latest and most important information pertaining to the field of law, law school and politics. LawRiot conveys information we feel to be both informative and timely. We also serve as a useful tool for prospective and current law school students. The creators offer their expertise in the admissions process and law school life in general."

Learned Musings

"Trying to bring back the ideas of gentlemen, reasoned discourse and a pup named Scooby Doo, one day at a time."

Legal As She Is Spoke

Students in New York Law School's Program in Law and Journalism look at legal stories in the mainstream news media, evaluate the reporting, and probe further, questioning facts and statements in the coverage that someone who hasn't studied law might take at face value.

Legal Cheek

Posts cover large law firms with London headquarters or outposts, including with a First Most List and a Chambers Most List; quirky U.K. legislation; lawyers in U.K. popular culture; and other topics meaningful or interesting to those in the U.K. studying law or just starting out in practice.

Legal Decisions

Blog reviews legal decisions and news in India and around the world.

Legal Ethics in Motion

"In creating Legal Ethics in Motion, our purpose is to provide student commentary on ethical issues affecting the legal community in the digital age. We will explore such topics as: social media, technology, and other breaking legal developments."


"Analyzing every news, happening and occurrence from the legal point of view is the genesis of this site. Principles of justice and law are seen everywhere. Notions of justice prevail from the streets to the zenith, from fables to reality and from children to adults."


"Informing Nigerians about their civil rights, duties and obligations."

Lex Arbitri - The Indian Arbitration Blog

"The blog discusses developments in arbitration and related areas with a focus on India and other developing countries." Blog entries are also released as computer-voiced audio clips. A recent posts states that this group is also launching the Journal of Dispute Prevention and Resolution.

Loading Law

"Video games, by their very nature, defy adherence to any one specialization of law. Their technical, expressive, and commercial characteristics have challenged lawmakers since the early days of Pong. The nuanced complexity of video games has resulted in an inconsistent application of legal principles drawn from multiple fields, including Intellectual Property Law, Constitutional Law, and Business Law.Loading Law launched in October 2013 with the purpose of providing both current and practical analysis of developing legal issues in video games."

LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

Specific tips related to the logic questions found on the LSAT and best practices as far as studying for the LSAT.

Media and Communications Law Society

"Topics related to communications law and media policy."


"The art of winning an unfair academic game."

Most Strongly Supported

"A collection of blogs written by LSAT instructors and law students. MSS covers application advice, relevant law-related news, features on particular LSAT questions, LSAT trends, videos, and law school insights." Posts here come from Infinite Loathing and LSAT Ninja, Killing One Bird with Two Stones.

My Shingle

"Dedicated to the demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own." This blog was started to help students and lawyers at firms who want to create unconventional practices and to provide a place for solos to trade advice and tout their successes.

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