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LSAT Blog: Ace the LSAT

Specific tips related to the logic questions found on the LSAT and best practices as far as studying for the LSAT.

Media and Communications Law Society

"Topics related to communications law and media policy."


"The art of winning an unfair academic game."

Most Strongly Supported

"A collection of blogs written by LSAT instructors and law students. MSS covers application advice, relevant law-related news, features on particular LSAT questions, LSAT trends, videos, and law school insights." Posts here come from Infinite Loathing and LSAT Ninja, Killing One Bird with Two Stones.

My Shingle

"Dedicated to the demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own." This blog was started to help students and lawyers at firms who want to create unconventional practices and to provide a place for solos to trade advice and tout their successes.

Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind

"How to balance law school with the fine art of procrastination."

News for the Mormon Legal Community

"Providing practicing attorneys, law students, and pre-law students with the latest in the market."

Notorious R.B.G.

"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in all her glory." Posts consist of tributes to Ginsburg in the form of videos, memes, and links to quotes about her in the news media.

nun-o | New Useful Non-Obvious

An ongoing discussion about intellectual property. From the World Intellectual Property Organization, “Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce.”

NUSL Blogs

"Topics include law school life, law school curricula, experiential legal education, the admissions and application process for law school, developments in legal academe, and much more."

Nuts & Boalts

"Stories from the fruits and nuts of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall)." Posts cover issues relevant to law students at Berkeley and elsewhere and recent law graduates everywhere. Posts also take note of when Berkeley professors lend their expertise to the media.

Only 3 Years

"This is my tale from the trenches of law school."

Pace International Law Review Blog

"Discussions and debates about global legal victories, injustices and policies."

Pasha Law

Articles "about the trials of prelaw students, law students and post-graduates."


"Every day, the average person is bombarded by news relating to laws that we neither know or care about. Although, the reality is that we need to know and we need to care about what is going on. Knowing your rights as they relate to the world around you is imperative. Knowing the law of what is going on in the news is vastly important for the way you read and understand what is going on domestically and abroad. With plawging, you are trying to understand the law and share it with other people. Hence personal law guide. The basic approach is to offer the law, share what you know about it, and then offer your opinion."

PLF Liberty Blog

Posts cover Pacific Legal Foundation activities and rulings in cases in which PLF files amicus briefs.


This blawg discusses work-life balance issues faced by parents in the workplace, highlights legal news stories, and covers other blogs and topics, not all of them law-related.

Race to the Courthouse

"Dedicated to providing information, news and interviews for law students interested in a career in personal injury, products liability or professional malpractice law."

Re:Marks on Copyright and Trademark

Posts cover "trademark, copyright and associated issues—including the emerging law governing the use and protection of intellectual property on the Internet. ... This blog will review laws as they evolve and reflect on how these changes transform the practice—both for our clients and for businesses around the world."

Reconstructing Law School

"A Latina student's thoughts about law school with a pinch of gender and race theory for spice."

Red Lion Reports

This blawg offers advice and other information to law students (particularly those at Penn State) about dealing with writing endeavors and day-to-day stress. It also highlights and links to discussions on other blawgs, and takes a big-picture look at legal items in the news.


Posts cover regulators' struggles with new business models, struggles to manage government response to natural disasters, and struggles to protect U.S. consumers' health and safety through regulation.

Repo(sess) Repro(ductive) Justice

"Look for posts here about everything from women in prison to midwifery and doulas to Supreme Court decisions to transgender rights."

Sampsung Xiaoxiang Shi’s Blawg

"Aiming to provide the world comprehensive information on legal issues in China, the xanadu of investments, ventures, and tours!"


SCOTUSblog analyzes the cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and posts breaking news of court decisions. Supreme Court decisions are often posted here before the high court puts them on its own website. During session, links to audio clips of oral arguments are posted as they are ready.

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