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Denver Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

Posts describe the process for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies; gives advice on how to proceed; and answers some frequently asked questions. Occasionally a post will talk about a bankruptcy news story.

Dewey B Strategic

Legal research services—Bloomberg BNA, LexisNexis, Westlaw—are a big part of this blog's beat. But O'Grady also takes close looks at new legal research platforms, interviews legal publishing leaders, and explores the evolving role of law librarians as the profession absorbs new technology and law firms rethink how they serve clients.

Dickman Law Blog

"This blog focuses on news stories in the Kentucky area as well as explaining different legal procedures."

DiPietro Domestic Relations Law

Posts cover family law cases in the news and answer questions a potential family law client in Virginia might have.

dorota trzeciecka bankruptcy blog

"Personal bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedure, prevention of foreclosure through loan modification, loan workouts, and bankruptcy." Posts are consumer-oriented.

Drug Injury Lawyer

Latest information regarding pharmaceutical drug recalls and litigation.

eDiscovery Daily

Posts offer tips on conducting electronic discovery, including data searches, management techniques and new technologies.

Elder Law Issues

"Legal issues relevant to seniors, persons with disabilities, their families and their legal counsel. Focus on Arizona developments and law."

Election Law @ Moritz

"The focus of the EL@M website is election administration - laws dealing with voter registration, voter ID, early and absentee voting, provisional balloting, poll workers and polling place procedures, recounts and election contests, and other related issues."

electronic divorce attorney

Blog posts are devoted to assisting people going through divorce.


Written for an audience of employers, this blog discusses labor & employment, benefits and compensation issues. Also touches on intellectual property, health laws and government contractors.

Employment Law Blog

Discussion of federal, state and local employment laws and legal issues.

Entertainment Law Resources Blog

"Entertainment law resources for film, TV and multimedia producers ... in-depth information to assist those who finance, produce and distribute motion pictures."

Estey Bomberger

Posts cover personal injury cases in California.

Et Seq.

This blawg "provides library announcements and the latest on cool new technologies, new books, journals and e-resources, new resources from foreign jurisdictions, interesting current events, hot documents, and more."

Everyday Law

"Covers topical legal news and everyday legal issues, from estate planning to incorporating a business."

Export Compliance Matters

"This blog is not for lawyers or trade professionals. It is not meant to be a site to get the latest trade law summaries. Others do that. This blog is for exporters and business executives who want to hear about business issues that affect their growth. Practical information they can use to expand their business, increase profit and minimize risk. I like to help companies explore opportunities. The smallest company can sell overseas, and large companies can have smart international growth. Think outside of the box, but make sure someone has got your back. It is like 'trust but verify'!"

Eyes on eCom Law

"Legal news and information for online and direct marketers."

Family Estate Planning Law Group

"The Family Estate Planning Law Group blog provides estate planning, business planning, and firm news for clients and prospective clients visiting the website."

Family Law Services

Posts cover family law cases in the news and answer basic family law questions.

Father’s Rights

"Contains topical information for dads going through divorce, custody, and child support cases."

Federal Bar Association New Orleans Chapter

The Federal Bar Association New Orleans Chapter covers news about the blawg's sponsor.

Federal Construction Contracting Blog

"Legal Information and Resources for Federal Construction Contractors."

Federal Criminal Defense

Posts answer questions concerning criminal defense issues for northern Ohio residents.

Fighting For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

Information for injured workers in Pennsylvania.

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