• Export Compliance Matters

    "This blog is not for lawyers or trade professionals. It is not meant to be a site to get the latest trade law summaries. Others do that. This blog is for exporters and business executives who want to hear about business issues that affect their growth. Practical information they can use to expand their business, increase profit and minimize risk. I like to help companies explore opportunities. The smallest company can sell overseas, and large companies can have smart international growth. Think outside of the box, but make sure someone has got your back. It is like 'trust but verify'!"

  • Export Law Blog

    Export Law Blog covers current issues in export law, including export controls imposed by the department of state, the department of commerce, and the department of treasury. The blog also covers issues relating to country, regime and individual economic sanctions, anti-boycott restrictions, as well as criminal prosecutions and civil penalty actions arising from export violations.

  • Fair Housing Defense

    "Insight and information on and compliance with the Fair Housing Act and its state and local counterparts. The blog provides a forum for issues of interest to apartment owners and management companies as well as professional management employees."

  • False Claims Act & Qui Tam Law

    "Recent news and cases concerning the False Claims Act, qui tams, whistleblowers, and other related collateral proceedings."

  • Family Law Refocused

    "A fresh perspective on divorce, spousal support, child support, parenting after separation and everything family law."

  • Fashion Law Blog

    "Covers the issues faced by those in the business of fashion, focusing on ways for companies to increase profitablity, avoid common pitfalls, and be aware of the issues challenging today's fast-paced fashion community."

  • FCA Alert

    "Provides guidance for the defense on emerging trends in False Claims Act investigations and litigation."

  • FDA Law Blog

    This blog covers topics of interest to Food and Drug Administration-regulated companies, fellow food and drug and health-care lawyers and regulatory personnel, as well as people just generally interested in FDA law. The blog provides timely updates on FDA enforcement actions, proposed rules, personnel changes, new and improved policies, along with related issues such as health-care fraud and abuse, drug and device reimbursement, HIPAA, and other topics of interest.

  • FDA Lawyers Blog

    "Designed to help the legal community learn about current issues, decisions, debates and various important subjects concerning the Food and Drug Administration."

  • FDCPA Defense Blog

    Posts feature cases and articles of interest to FDCPA defendants and defense attorneys.

  • Federal Securities Law Blog

    "Information on federal securities law, news and developments."

  • Fertile Ground

    "Fertile Ground is a blog dealing with legal issues facing livestock producers, crop farmers, and agribusinesses in the Midwest."

  • Financial Insurance Law Blog

    Posts cover D&O insurance programs, risk management and the regulation of financial services institutions.

  • Florida Banking Law Blog

    "Legal developments impacting banking, finance and loan enforcement in Florida."

  • Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog

    "News and updates concerning community association operations, laws, rulings and events."

  • FMLA Insights

    Posts cover significant court decisions related to the Family and Medical Leave Act; the act's little-known rules and provisions; and proposed changes to FMLA regulations.

  • Food & Drug Law Blog

    "Addresses litigation and compliance issues related to labeling and promotion of FDA regulated products."

  • Food Liability Law Blog

    Discussion of emerging legal threats to the food industry.

  • Form I-9 and E-Verify Immigration Compliance Insights

    "Provides readers with useful insights into developments, activity and trends surrounding the form I-9 and E-Verify, as well as related areas of the law."

  • Forward Franchising

    Posts note news stories related to franchising in the consumer and trade presses, cover relevant court decisions and cover actions of the Federal Trade Commission. A "franchising and the movies" series of posts pull franchising lessons from the latest blockbusters in theaters.

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