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Arizona DUI Defense Blog

"Arizona DUI law and defense, vehicular crimes law, and driver's license issues."

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

Christopher Trainor & Associates Blog

A blog centered on criminal defense in Michigan.

Class Action Countermeasures

"Discussions of the strategic considerations involved in class action defense."

Crime in the Suites

"An analysis of current issues in white collar defense." Topics include cybersecurity, federal sentencing and fraud.

Criminal Jurisdiction

"A Criminal Law Blog from a defense perspective. Discussing criminal law and justice issues in Texas and federal courts nationwide."

Defending People

"The tao of criminal-defense trial lawyering." Posts discuss the criminal justice system and related topics, with a focus on Texas.

DRI Today

The blog is an outgrowth of DRI's monthly magazine for the defense bar. Like the magazine, the blog is specifically aimed at lawyers who defend the interests of businesses and individuals in civil litigation.

Drunk & Disorderly

Observations and musings of a criminal defense lawyer.

DUI Defender

DUI news and commentary.

False Claims Counsel

Posts cover issues and developments in federal and state False Claims Acts.

Florida Criminal Law Blog

Florida Criminal Law Blog covers criminal cases in the Pensacola area, including those of the author, offering commentary and opinion.

George Zimmerman Legal Case

"The O’Mara Law Group was engaged for George Zimmerman’s legal defense, but we cannot ignore that there are other issues surrounding the charges against Mr. Zimmerman. Professionally, it is not our place to be involved in the surrounding discussion, but we do feel a responsibility to help distinguish between what is relevant to the current legal case and what is not. It is our hope and intent to assist in focusing the conversation when appropriate, rather than allowing the lack of focus to distort the process."

Gideon Speaks

"Gideon Speaks, named after the landmark Supreme Court case which requires that counsel be provided for all indigent criminal defendants is a marriage of my love of the law and writing and discusses issues related to criminal and civil rights law in NYC. The blawg puts a real human face to the often nameless 'criminal defendant.' "

Gordon & Hess Blog

A blog having to do with criminal defense and family law in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Gustitis Law

A criminal defense blog touching on issues of interest to the client accused of a crime.

Kentucky DUI Defense Lawyer

Kentucky DUI Defense Lawyer offers "information on driving under the influence, DUI, DWI, in Kentucky, traffic stop, standard field sobriety tests, PBT, Intoxilyzer 5000, probable cause, arrest, conviction, and DUI in the news."

Koehler Law

The author writes about his day-to-day experiences as a criminal defense attorney in Washington, D.C., including his appellate work and court-appointed work with juvenile clients. He also discusses happenings in the legal blogosphere.

Leader & Leader Blog

Criminal defense in Miami.

Maryland Criminal Attorney Blog

News, events, and recent developments in Maryland criminal law.

New York Criminal Lawyer Blog

Criminal justice news and posts relating to New York's penal code.

Not Guilty No Way

Mirriam Seddiq is a “born-again lawyer” who returned to practice and blogging after two years at home with her children. She writes about finding mentorship as a solo, recent criminal rulings, and about moments from her life that have affected her notions of justice.

Savannah DUI Lawyer Blog

"Timely and provocative insights on DUI defense." Posts cover information to readers who might be in need of a DUI lawyer and the author's experiences defending those accused of DUI.

Seattle Criminal Defense Blog

"A look at a variety of legal and personal topics associated with practicing criminal defense in Seattle."

Seattle DUI Attorney

"Information on Washington state DUI Defense."

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