Sentencing/Post Conviction

  • Law Offices of David Michael Cantor

    Blog discusses criminal defense, Supreme Court decisions, DUI laws, constitutional law, immigration law and current events. Occasionally has video podcasts.

  • Lori G. Levin

    Blog discusses criminal, juvenile and mental health issues, primarily in Illinois. Many posts focus on new trends in criminal and juvenile law issues including decisions from the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Courts as well as the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Blog

    Posts are primarily about criminal cases in Minnesota, but also address high-profile criminal cases around the country. Occasionally has tips for criminal defendants.

  • New York DWI/DUI Blog

    Blog talks about issues relating to DWIs and DUIs in New York, written for an audience of people facing charges. Recent entries include "Refusal Hearings Issues In New York State – DMV," "Do You Have To Take The Field Sobriety Tests in New York?" and "These Are Some Of The Circumstances That Would Cause Me to Be Dropped From the New York State Drunk Driver Program (DDP)."

  • Norm Pattis

    "I go to court almost every day to argue about one thing or another. This page is simply a continuation of that vocation. I have no creed, no program, no agenda. I just want to raise some hell and have a little fun." Most posts focus on the author's takes on criminal law issues in Connecticut and beyond.

  • Osler’s Razor

    "Legal musings, rants, and haiku."

  • Palm Beach Criminal Defense Blog

    This blawg covers information about law and order in Florida for both practitioners and potential clients. Also some discussions about evidence and the death penalty.

  • Pardon Power

    Dedicated to following the very latest news regarding presidential pardons and the pardon power (or clemency powers) as exercised in each state.

  • Piercing the Panopticon

    "Examining the American criminal justice system with reference to the Christian gospel and Rene Girard's theory of culture."

  • Prosecutor’s Discretion

    Posts cover criminal law issues and current events from the standpoint of a prosecutor, offer insight into the criminal justice system and trials and tell amusing court stories.

  • Seeking Justice

    "This blog will be devoted to exploring the crisis in the Catholic Church, the destruction of Western Civilization, and the airing of my gripes about my professional field, criminal justice, viewed from my lofty perch as a local prosecutor in the trenches. I make no apologies for my visceral traditionalism nor for my heroes, such as (in random order) Chesterton, Salazar, Scalia, Marcel Lefebvre."

  • SentenceSpeak

    "Provides irreverent, provocative, and advocacy-oriented coverage of sentencing law, reform, and the growing movement away from tough on crime sentencing policies."

  • Sentencing Law and Policy

    Several posts per day, keep “sentencing fans” updated on the latest news stories, commentary, cert grants, rulings, argument transcripts, research and scholarship on criminal penalties.

  • Sex Offender News, Issues, Research and Recidivism

    "Covers topics, issues, pending and historical court cases, and consequences facing, adult and juvenile sex offenders, in prison and life after in society. Covers current issues, sex offender registries, recidivism, dangerousness, risk assessment tools, therapy, civil commitment, subtle vigilantism, harassment and discrimination. Also other community concerns related to sex offender issues, and the United Nations human rights issues."

  • Solitary Watch

    "News from a nation in lockdown."

  • SpigaLaw

    Blog discusses news and criminal cases in California, including ones handled by the firm.

  • StandDown Texas Project

    The Project identifies and advocates best practices in the indigent criminal justice system. The blog pays particular attention to issues involving capital punishment and the administration of the death penalty.

  • Tacoma DUI Lawyer Blog

    "This blog focuses on DUI defense issues as well as news relating to DUI laws in Washington State."

  • The Criminal Lawyer

    Analytical and philosophical posts cover criminal justice writ large: misconceptions about the rate of violent crime, how to fix the jury system, “overcriminalization” and the high rate of incarceration in the U.S.

  • The Plea Bargaining Blog

    "Dedicated to scholarship, articles and news regarding plea bargaining in criminal cases in the United States and around the world. The purpose of this blog is to further our understanding of the plea bargaining machine and its role in the criminal justice system."

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