• Attorney Work Product

    "Life in the Bluegrass as a wife, mom, and attorney."


    Michael J. Butler is a solo practitioner in Southfield, Mich.

  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

  • Austin DWI Attorney

    Information regarding DWIs in and around Travis County, Texas.

  • Austin Legal

    "A look at local justice, from inside and outside the courtroom."

  • Austin Technology Law Blog

    "Regularly updated discussions of the confluence of law and technology."

  • AZ Attorney

    "Covers law practice here in the desert Southwest."

  • AZ DUI Attorney Blog

    Posts give advice to potential DUI defendants, specific to Arizona.

  • Backseat Lawyer

    "One lawyer's take on the news."

  • Bailey & Greer

    "Blog entries explore the issues of Tennessee personal injury law and help you to understand your own part in your case."

  • Bailey Class Action Daily

    "News and discussion of cutting edge class action issues, both in California and nationwide."

  • Ballingerlaw

    "Blog featuring topics affecting the everyday lives of the clients, lawyers and general public in Cherokee County, Georgia." Topics include family law and criminal defense.

  • Baltimore Crime Beat

    "Police, courts and police stories in the city and central Maryland."

  • Baltimore Injury Lawyer Blog

    The posts involve topics relating to injury, accident and product liability matters.

  • Banking Law Update

    Posts cover actions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.; Maine financial institutions in the news; and mortgage lending.

  • Bankruptcy & Loan Modifications

    Bankruptcy and debtor issues.

  • Bankruptcy Blog NJ

    "The Bankruptcy Blog NJ is dedicated to discussing all types of financial matters and difficulties, both for individuals and for businesses."

  • Bankruptcy News & Opinion

    Posts answer questions that a potential bankruptcy client might have.

  • Bar Exam Doctor’s Blog

    "Examining a student's needs for the bar exam."

  • BarWrite Blog

    This blawg provides information about how to prepare for the bar examination and commentary about related issues in legal education. The blawg occasionally posts news about the bar examination in the United States and about admission to the bar in foreign countries.

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