• Baltimore Injury Lawyer Blog

    The posts involve topics relating to injury, accident and product liability matters.

  • Banking Law Update

    Posts cover actions of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.; Maine financial institutions in the news; and mortgage lending.

  • Bankruptcy & Loan Modifications

    Bankruptcy and debtor issues.

  • Bankruptcy News & Opinion

    Posts answer questions that a potential bankruptcy client might have.

  • Bar Exam Doctor’s Blog

    "Examining a student's needs for the bar exam."

  • BarWrite Blog

    This blawg provides information about how to prepare for the bar examination and commentary about related issues in legal education. The blawg occasionally posts news about the bar examination in the United States and about admission to the bar in foreign countries.

  • Baum Law Offices, LLC

    Focuses on the author's criminal defense and civil litigation practice.

  • Bay Area Bankruptcy Lawyer Blog

    "Commentary from the perspective of a consumer debtors' attorney concerning Chapter 7 and 13 practice, credit and banking and the housing crisis with special emphasis on bankruptcy in the San Francisco Bay Area."

  • Becker’s Iowa Environmental Law Update

    "Discussions about recent cases, legislation, and hot topics related to environmental laws and regulations."

  • BeldarBlog

    "The online journal of a crusty, longwinded trial lawyer, bemused observer of politics, and Internet dilettante."

  • Bergmann & Moore

    "Our Veterans Law Blog keeps Veterans and the organizations that serve them informed about advances in Veterans Law. We focus on new compensatory rulings that affect Veteran compensation. We also include information pertinent to the Veteran community such as VA health services, local events, and Veterans legislation."

  • Berks County Law Update

    "Recent legal developments and civic issues in the Berks County community."

  • Beyond the Fine Print

    "A blog about legal issues faced by businesses and individuals."

  • Biker Law Blog

    This blawg was created to provide information to the motorcycle and biker community, as well as to provide general California personal injury and family law Information for all. You will find biker and motorcycle legal articles, news, links, safety tips and more.

  • Birmingham Business Law Blog

    Trends, information, and comments on items pertinent to Birmingham, Ala., business and the law. (Generally,if it is relevant to two out of the three, we post.)

  • Birmingham Injury Blog

    Covers injury and accident law in the state of Alabama involving car and truck accidents, as well as premises liability and insurance matters.

  • Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Alabama focus.

  • bLAWgger

    Florida crime news and commentary.

  • BlawgSD

    "The goal in founding this blawg was to share some news, insight, and have a little fun; think Dobson's with the lights off and a DJ laying some heavy beats in the corner. BlawgSD is not just for JDs. It is also for San Diegans to get a perspective on what is going on in the region through the legal lens. There are so many news items that carry a legal angle that the mainstream media only covers on the surface. I'll try to flesh out some of those issues with your help here. I'll bring it all to you in one simple, neat, tasty blawg. In other words, I'll wrap that legal news burrito with paper and foil. Hot sauce included. BlawgSD intends to capture the warm collegiality that defines the San Diego bar while providing some insight into what is going on."

  • Blitz Blawg

    "Articles about American and Virginian criminal law and defense."

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