• Texas Appellate Law Blog

    "Civil appellate practice tips, resources, and news ... an online resource for trial lawyers, solo and small firm practitioners, and others who may have matters pending before the Texas appellate courts.

  • Texas Attorney Blog

    Real estate and construction law-related news and events in Texas.

  • Texas Bar Blog

    "Featuring the lawyers and legal professionals of Texas."

  • Texas Criminal Attorney Blog

    Texas criminal law cases and decisions in the news.

  • Texas Criminal Defense

    Posts include news updates about criminal charges and defense in Texas, including police misconduct and prosecution updates.

  • Texas Criminal Law Blog

    Posts cover topics related to criminal defense in Texas and commentary on legal policies.

  • Texas Criminal Lawyer Blog

    "Covers criminal defense case law, news and events dealing with criminal defense."

  • Texas Death Penalty Blog

    This blawg follows death penalty cases and legislation in Texas and elsewhere.

  • Texas Employment Law Blog

    Employment law and policy blawg.

  • Texas Employment Law Update

    "Covering current labor and employment legal trends and topics affecting Texas employers and non-Texas employers with employees in Texas."

  • Texas Employment Lawyer

    "Discusses relevant cases involving employment law in Texas. These cases include overtime, unpaid wages, pregnancy, and retaliation claims. Many of these cases also involve discrimination such as gender, race, religion, age, or disability."

  • Texas HR Matters

    "A blog on labor and employment law for Texas employers, with sprinklings of literature, science, history, psychology, and current events."

  • Texas Injury Blog

    Posts provide accident prevention tips and cover product liability cases in the news.

  • Texas Injury Law Blog

    "Accident and injury information for individuals looking for free legal information and representation in connection with their accident or injury claim."

  • Texas Law Blog

    Devoted to Texas law and legal issues.

  • Texas Legal Edge

    "An ongoing legal blog covering Texas and U.S. topics by providing legal commentary on contracts, labor and employment law, in-house counsel topics, entertainment, Supreme Court, personal injury, and social media law."

  • Texas Lemon Law Blog

    Covers auto lemon laws, news, and events dealing with consumer protection in the state of Texas.

  • Texas Medical Malpractice Update

    "New and noteworthy Texas health-care liability cases." Posts are generally short summaries of recent health law cases or links to outside articles.

  • Texas Nursing Lawyer

    "Texas Nursing Lawyer covers trends and events affecting nursing in Texas and beyond." The author hosts webinars and live-blogs during certain meetings.

  • Texas Probate & Guardianship Blog

    "A Texas estate planning, probate and guardianship blawg."

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