• A Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

    Commentary on bankruptcy cases and rulings in Texas.

  • Attorney Richard T. Jones

    "Common and not-so-common questions about DWI and criminal arrests and procedures are answered here."

  • Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Texas criminal defense, criminal procedure, and other criminal law issues.

  • Austin DWI Attorney

    Information regarding DWIs in and around Travis County, Texas.

  • Austin Legal

    "A look at local justice, from inside and outside the courtroom."

  • Austin Technology Law Blog

    "Regularly updated discussions of the confluence of law and technology."

  • Backseat Lawyer

    "One lawyer's take on the news."

  • Bankruptcy News & Opinion

    Posts answer questions that a potential bankruptcy client might have.

  • BeldarBlog

    "The online journal of a crusty, longwinded trial lawyer, bemused observer of politics, and Internet dilettante."

  • Best Little Employment Blog in Texas

    Employment law news for Texas employers and perspectives on Supreme Court decisions affecting employment.

  • Branscomb PC Legal Blog

    The blog covers legal news in Texas within the firm's practice areas with advice for business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Broden & Mickelsen

    "Covers federal and Texas crimes, criminal defense and criminal appeal cases and notable litigation."

  • Burleson Blog

    "From environmental debates to employment concerns, and from fracking rights to the latest private equity transactions, The Burleson Blog focuses on energy matters, offering legal insight on the trends, business deals, legal decisions and breaking news affecting the energy industry."

  • Burn Injury Lawyer Blog

    "Texas burn lawyer blog covers fire safety and burn injury accidents and lawsuits."

  • Byrd Davis Furman & Alden Personal Injury Blog

    Posts include information behind personal injury risks and advice for potential clients on how to file a claim.

  • Children and the Law Blog

    News and analysis concerning the treatment of children in our legal system and society.

  • Chuck Newton

    "Preachings and teachings from my perspective inside a third-wave law firm. Appealing to spare room tycoons, home office lawyers, downshifters, carpet commuters, connected attorneys, law students and wannabes." Posts cover law school news and emerging law practice niches.

  • Cortez Law Blog

    "Blogging on state and federal criminal defense issues and providing updates on legal news to the San Antonio, Texas community."

  • Crime Blog

    Posts feature the latest crime and law enforcement news in the Dallas Morning News coverage area.

  • Criminal Jurisdiction

    Criminal justice news with a focus on Texas.

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