• Texas Law Blog

    Devoted to Texas law and legal issues.

  • Texas Legal Edge

    "An ongoing legal blog covering Texas and U.S. topics by providing legal commentary on contracts, labor and employment law, in-house counsel topics, entertainment, Supreme Court, personal injury, and social media law."

  • Texas Lemon Law Blog

    Covers auto lemon laws, news, and events dealing with consumer protection in the state of Texas.

  • Texas Medical Malpractice Update

    "New and noteworthy Texas health-care liability cases." Posts are generally short summaries of recent health law cases or links to outside articles.

  • Texas Nursing Lawyer

    "Texas Nursing Lawyer covers trends and events affecting nursing in Texas and beyond." The author hosts webinars and live-blogs during certain meetings.

  • Texas Probate & Guardianship Blog

    "A Texas estate planning, probate and guardianship blawg."

  • Texas Probate Litigation

    "News and notes regarding Texas will contests, trust disputes, fiduciary duties, and life insurance disputes."

  • Texas RioGrande Legal Aid Press Center

    News and developments of interest to and that has an impact on the legal aid community in Texas.

  • Texas State & Local Tax Law Blog

    The Texas State & Local Tax Law Blog is intended to provide insight and commentary on developments in Texas state and local tax law to attorneys, accountants and other tax professionals. Some of the covered topics are aircraft taxation in Texas, practice and procedure, Texas franchise tax ("margin tax"), Texas property tax, Texas sales and use Tax, and Texas tax reform.

  • Texas Wills and Trusts Online

    Posts provide consumer-oriented information relating to wills, trusts, estate plans, and probate in Texas.

  • Texas Workers Compensation Law Blog

    "Dedicated to injured workers and their family members throughout Texas."

  • Texas Wrongful Death Lawyer

    "Covers Texas wrongful death cases, court opinions and accidents in Texas."

  • The Blake Firm Business Law Blog

    Discusses business law in Texas, including info on contract law, entrepreneurship and intellectual property.

  • The Cuban Revolution

    "So it shall be written ... so it shall be done!"

  • The Dallas Divorce Blog

    "Unraveling the tangled world of divorce and family law in Texas."

  • The Defense Rests

    "Thoughts (and rants)" about criminal justice news, litigation and legislation in Texas and beyond. Some posts are essays on personal topics.

  • The Kielich Law Firm

    Posts answer questions that a family law, employment law or personal injury client in Texas might have.

  • The Law Offices of Tad Nelson

    "Blog about criminal defense and DUI/DWI law in Texas. We write regularly about drunk driving, breath tests, felony DWI, traffic stops and more."

  • The Supreme Court of Texas Blog

    Covering the pending cases and new decisions that will shape Texas law.

  • The Young Texas Lawyer

    "Dedicated to giving young lawyers the resources they need to survive in their new lives as professionals. The transition from school to life as an attorney is difficult without some guidance and knowledge-sharing. The purpose of this site is to inform attorneys, both young and old, through the use of articles, links, and collaboration."

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