University of Cincinnati

Civil Procedure Prof Blog

Is a regularly updated blog featuring issues, commentary and discussion related to civil procedure.

CrimProf Blog

Features news, information, course materials, scholarship and research primarily for those teaching criminal law.

HealthLawProf Blog

Features health law news and information, including analysis of the FDA and the healthcare industry.


"What is Information Law? We see it as an obvious convergence of intellectual property doctrine, communications regulation, First Amendment norms, and new technology. As information becomes the most precious commodity of the 21st century, the law surrounding it will have to evolve. That’s what we want to talk and think about here—along with various related and not-so-related threads (hey, “information” covers a lot of ground!)."

International Law Reporter

This blawg covers academic international law journals and other related publications.

Jack ‘Out of the Box’

"This is a spinoff of the firm's InfoLaw Newsletter, much like CSI: Miami is a spin-off from CSI. Except without all the corpses. The blog will feature shorter pieces, and ideally, reader feedback. Should be fun. Oh, yeah, and informative."

Legally Speaking Ohio

"Legally Speaking Ohio provides commentary on the Supreme Court of Ohio. Further, Legally Speaking Ohio focuses on cases going to the Supreme Court of Ohio and provides an oral argument preview, oral argument analysis, and commentary on decisions made."


"The art of winning an unfair academic game."

Securities Law Prof Blog

Covers corporate law news, issues and regulatory developments relating to securities law.