Building the 21st-Century Law Firm

Starting a Law Firm

Building the 21st Century Law Firm envisions how to start and manage a legal practice using the latest technology and tactics.

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Building the 21st-Century Law Firm

What should a 21st-century law firm look like?

Over the last 100 years, the ABA Journal has been chronicling the legal profession, its changes and challenges.

Susan Cartier Liebel

Use tech, yes, but your law firm must be client-centric

Susan Cartier Liebel
Clients don’t want to have to struggle to find the right lawyer or fight to work with the right lawyer.

Richard Susskind, in his book Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future, claims that legal institutions and lawyers are poised to change more radically over the next two decades than they have over the last two centuries.


8 strategies for constructing your new law firm

Sam Glover
Get yourself and your law firm ready for what comes next. No artificial intelligence required.

It’s 2017, and we are all cyborgs. Don’t believe me? What’s the capital of Kyrgyzstan? You just thought about reaching for your smartphone—your auxiliary brain—to look it up, didn’t you? Instant knowledge is unremarkable in 2017, which is solid evidence that we are living in the future.