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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations

Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015

Bar Exam

Would adoption of the UBE lead to more job options? 89% of surveyed 2016 law grads think so

Education Law

Dads sue over teens’ expulsion for alleged racist texts

Supreme Court Nominations

Does Garland nomination have ‘a snowball’s chance in hell’? Lawyer’s suit fails; other ideas aired

Legal Ethics

Lawyer who sued over $75 boot fee for Porsche paid $56K in sanctions; no discipline recommended

Election Law

US judge stops Michigan recount, finds no constitutional right to recount absent miscount evidence

The New Normal

Tech knowledge makes lawyers more productive, and could be key to increasing access to justice


Fox Rothschild lawyer dies at 104; he was still practicing law

Law Schools

Are these law schools the most underrated?

Cady Bar the Door

Question of the Week

What gifts are you giving your co-workers this season?

Criminal Justice

Man sues after DNA sample mix-up put him in jail for 61 days

Law in Popular Culture

12 gift suggestions for lawyers (gallery)

A Message from Abacus Data Systems

A Case For the Cloud: Why Law Firms Should Stop Managing Technology

Law Schools

ABA grants accreditation to Massachusetts’ only public law school

Legal Ethics

Sharing fees with lawyers at other firms? ABA ethics opinion offers guidance on safeguarding them

Legal Ethics

Lawyer’s parody Twitter account calls for ‘Pizzagate’ probe; ‘There are clues everywhere,’ he says

Pro Bono

Gun-control groups join BigLaw coalition; seven firms are on board so far

Legislation & Lobbying

Bob Dole’s law firm earned $140K for Taiwan lobbying, paving way for Trump phone call

Criminal Justice

Accusers won’t travel again for rape trial delayed by no-show defense lawyer; judge acquits

Law Firms

Which top law firms earned perfect scores for LGBT-inclusive policies?

Trials & Litigation

Top state court won’t review overturned $1M sanction against med-mal lawyer

Legal Technology

Ravel Law launches analytics tool for entire court systems and jurisdictions

U.S. Supreme Court

Lawyer’s disclosure of sealed filing didn’t require dismissal of whistleblower suit, SCOTUS rules
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Murthy Law Firm

Teleconference: H1B Cap-Subject Petitions – Practical Tips for Approvals

Murthy Law Firm

Teleconference: To Be Announced

Murthy Law Firm

MurthyChat: NO Chat Session

Murthy Law Firm

MurthyChat: Senior Attorney Answers Your Questions

600 Camp

How to move for directed verdict

Gavel Grab

Did Sessions Exaggerate Claim About Filing School Desegregation Cases?

NUSL Blogs

Erica’s Survival Tips

Technologist: The Findlaw Legal Technology Blog

Today's Billion Dollar Patent Question: Who Owns CRISPR?

4 Tips To Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

Righting Injustice

Florida man not bound by nursing home’s binding arbitration in neglect case


FREE Webinar: HIPAA Phishing Expedition

Centre Knowledge

GSA OIG Reviews Industrial Operations Analysts: What’s in Your IOA’s Report Card?

Law and More

James Attorney Marketing - Writing, 10-cents per word

Legal Cheek

Exclusive: Solicitor suing Oxford Uni over 2:1 trained at Clifford Chance

Wise Law Blog

Powers of Attorney for Personal Care: Great Power with Great Responsibility

Energy and Environmental Law Blog

EPA Proposes Ban on Common Degreasing Chemical TCE

Southern California Appellate News

Preparing via moot courts

The Legal Pulse

US Supreme Court’s ‘Salman v. US’ Decision Answers One Insider-Trading Question, Leaves Others Unresolved

CBA CLE Legal Connection

When Your Client’s Kid Needs Help: Juvenile Criminal Justice for Every Attorney

The Asylumist

Evaluating the Threat Posed by Refugees

CBA CLE Legal Connection

Colorado Court of Appeals: Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies Required but Dismissal With Prejudice was in Error

Righting Injustice

Samsung’s Thin Note 7 Design Compromised Batteries, Researchers Find

Legal Talk Network

Law Technology Now : The Influences and Advantages of Legal Tech

CBA CLE Legal Connection

Colorado Court of Appeals: Dram Shop Amendments Require Knowledge of Drinker’s Underage Status and Alcohol Consumption

CBA CLE Legal Connection

Colorado Court of Appeals: Announcement Sheet, 12/8/2016