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Tech training helps lawyers meet client expectations

Law by the Numb#rs

More summer associates got job offers in 2015

Tort Law

Jaycee Dugard can’t sue US parole officials for poor supervision of her kidnapper, 9th Circuit says

ABA Know It All

Are you clued in? Take the ABA Journal’s weekly news quiz and prove you know it all

Criminal Justice

Judge cites ‘callous’ crime in sentencing ex-lawyer to life for attack on law firm partner, wife

A Message from Bloomberg Law

Privacy Laws Around the World

Law Firms

Telltale signs of a union are confirmed: Andrews Kurth acquires all of Kenyon’s lawyers


Judge says it’s her policy to retroactively sign orders issued by appointed fill-in lawyers

Criminal Justice

Appellate lawyer remembers a 1992 client and wins new trial for woman convicted in lawyer’s murder


Bite-mark expert stands by his testimony, though he can’t recall much about it

Asked and Answered

Is it time to leave your current job? (podcast)


The F-word is making more frequent appearances in appellate opinions


Biography of Posner reveals his childhood nickname and ‘Poze knows’ teen catchphrase

Criminal Justice

Police video shows ex-wife of slain law prof Dan Markel reacting to news of his shooting

Ross Prize for Legal Short Fiction

Massachusetts lawyer wins $3K Ross prize for her fictional story ‘Another Shot’

Criminal Justice

Chicago police have shot 262 people in 6 years; about 80% were black men, newspaper reports

Legal Ethics

Former Justice Department lawyer is censured for telling journalist about wiretap program

Law Students

Mike Pence once authored a comic strip about law school

Disability Law

Arizona AG asks for mass dismissal of multiple ADA cases; calls lawyer’s tactics ‘systemic abuse’

Criminal Justice

Lawyer snagged in FBI sting pleads guilty to money laundering conspiracy

Legal Ethics

Two more lawyers are permanently disbarred for DUI setup of opposing counsel

Religious Law

Top court in France tosses ‘burkini’ ban

Criminal Justice

Ryan Lochte is indicted in Brazil


Rapper goes to law school in pursuit of stability

Criminal Justice

Another judge is in the spotlight after athlete avoids prison in indecent assault case
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$2.4bn Birla-Ultratech CCI clearance follows Uberoi from CAM to AZB

The DBS Blog

Massachusetts Enacts Equal Pay Act: What employers can do now to prepare for its implementation


Put It In Writing, Part III: Closed Captioning Chores Reassigned

Westlaw Insider

Knowledge Management Software has Come of Age…Now What?

Fair Housing Defense

Fair Housing and LGBT: State of the Law

Deeplinks Blog

Do Over, Please: EFF and ACLU Ask Ninth Circuit to Revisit Two Dangerous CFAA Rulings


The American Bar Association Should Be a Champion of Open Access to Law

Sidebar for Plaintiffs

Is this lawsuit the canary in the zombie mine?


GAO: Awardee Not Required To List Specified NAICS Code In SAM

Legal IT Professionals

Omtool Continues Momentum in Advanced Document Solutions for Legal Market

Deeplinks Blog

Transparency Hunters Capture More than 400 California Database Catalogs

Neuroethics and Law Blog

"Deep Brain Stimulation, Historicism, and Moral Responsibility"

Davis Law Group Blog

Did ancient people have personal injury laws?

Executive Summary Blog

Attorney’s Reporting of Alleged Ethics Violations Not “Professional Services”; Eight-Month Delay in Providing Notice Precludes Coverage as a Matter of Law

Neuroethics and Law Blog

PEBS Neuroethics Roundup (JHU)


The Ultimate Guide to 45 Minute Trade Compliance Training

Westlaw Insider

CLEAR can help communities use big data to reduce poverty levels

IAALS Online

Iowa Task Force Unveils New Priorities to Reform Family Law


For Shame: The Public Humiliation of Prosecutors by Judges to Correct Wrongful Convictions

Structured Settlements 4Real

What Does JGWE Stand For?


The Orange Barrel Summertime Blues

Legal IT Professionals

The National Society for Legal Technology Launches Legal Technology Certification

Legal IT Professionals

compareDocs cloud released for Office 365 and Windows 10

Health Law Attorney Blog

The Transition to EHR Systems does not Pose Significant Negative Effects on Patient Care

Legal IT Professionals

Munsch Hardt Taps Traveling Coaches for NetDocuments Training